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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Pokemon Evolved 1.66
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Pokemon Evolved 1.66


Welcome to the world of Pokemon Evolved! Built on the ARK: Survival Evolved mechanics- Mystic Academy brings you the evergrowing world of Pokemon to give you a fresh view, ever-growing features and, of course, your chance at Catching 'Em All! Featuring a list of 150+ Pokemon, including your starter favorites, a wide range of legendaries and your chance at facing Mewtwo in varied levels.

How far can you make it before your first Mewtwo battle? Mewtwo X? Mewtwo Y?..... stronger?

Have fun and enjoy the world of Pokemon Evolved!

If you would like to donate and support the project to grow -

After some thought I have decided to restart the Pokemon Evolved Discord Been getting a lot of messages from users wanting it back.

This will not be like the old discord any rule breaking and that will be a ban.

Lets all start making the community how it used to be.

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GreenWeedsSmoke 5 hours ago 
How do I start? I get no currency and no pokemon center/pokemons/balls... Attacking lv 1 pokemon insta kills me
SmarphThePug Dec 15 @ 3:31pm 
how do i download this mod?

i am subbed btw
Kresst Dec 13 @ 7:14pm 
One of the best mods ever. Thanks for this
Grimms Dec 12 @ 1:16am 
Mods so glitchy and buggy..... Once you mount something then dismount it you either fall through the map on a loop or you get stuck on/inside what ever mon you're trying to dismount...... Air/Land/and Sea ........
HugeLegolas Dec 8 @ 2:45pm 
Don't join the discord you don't want to know what the mod dev is like
how to evolve mewtwo -.-
SunDragonn Dec 2 @ 11:54am 
what happened to all the shinys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
悲しい Dec 1 @ 6:23pm 
How can I change the pokemon lvl? I have my max dino lvl to 600 but im getting pokemon lvl 2k+.
any wayto turn down their lvls to be 600 and below?
elijahtucker270 Dec 1 @ 12:28am 
sabe whats ur server ip
StreuselJunge Nov 27 @ 6:37am 
id for the mod 839857207