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Bang Bang Car
Jan 11 @ 11:17pm
Apr 18 @ 8:19pm

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About the game
Bang Bang Car inspired by Jackal and and Counter-Strike. At first want to car, shooting, melee three elements together, But development of the early, We found that the driving operation of the vehicle is inconsistent with the aiming operation of the fire. Here , Special thanks to “Funcity Studio” gave us inspiration. Use automatic shooting, Perfect solution to the previous problem, Thanks again to “Funcity Studios”.
Because we are independent game studios composed of a few like-minded people, Limited funding, So using low polygon art style like MineCraft.
After more than a month of development, Completed the melee mode, Excited to record into video, In the first time to share with everyone, Hope to like.
Of course, We will not stop chasing the pace of dreams. The growth element of the vehicle and The most exciting network team multi-play mode, Already in development. Please look forward to our next video.
Heartfelt thanks to all of you who came to see us!

In 2020, due to the misuse of resources, paying no attention to environmental protection, the Earth's environment has become increasingly severe, until the air is also contaminated. Humans can no longer rely on their survival and outdoor activities, and must rely on vehicles with oxygen equipment to go out looking for the necessities of life, so the road has become the focus of up for grabs. In this there is no law, no rules, only the era of road rage to live, what would you have done?

In this game,the subscribers could operate with different kinds of vehicles with different combinations of skills&armed forces.
With these vehicles,the subscribers wrest to establish control over the blocks.
This means that after beating a opponent,you could gain some resources,with the resources of the wrestling, the you could upgrade your vehicles` level.
The high level you gain,the more powerful you are.

How to Play
  • Direction key [up/W] ,to control vehicles crank forward.
  • Direction key [down/S] , to control vehicles crank backward.
  • Direction key [left/A] , to control vehicles turn left.
  • Direction key [right/D] , to control vehicles turn right.
  • Special keys: Perform special abilities.
  • Mouse: Select user interfacial buttons.
  • Enter key: Click to continue.

Vehicle Introduction
One vehicle has one unique special ability.
  • Blue Lightning : After thunder bolt spray turns on , you will put on aburst of speed.
  • Shock Wave : After pushing the button , you could melt the vehicles in front yours . Even if the Blue Thunder : Just let the CB alone.
  • Barricade : After pushing the button , A shield was put on the front of hood of your vehicle which could absorb a mount of damage , based on the Gurdian of the Orders.
  • Ghost : After pushing the button , your vehicle will be invisible , this is inherited by the manufacturers----The Rebels , who are perennial living in subterrane beyond the dark.
  • Off-Road : Converted from a Land Rover . Vibrations witnin certain range around your vehicle by pushing the button , which could make your opponent out of control.
  • Bumblebee : You could fix up your teammates`vehicles when pushing the button.

The Weapon
One vehicle could equip one weapon to attack your opponent.
  • Machine gun : High firing frenquency , mid range , low damge . As basic arm , it`s fully able to cope with single target.
  • Grenade : Mid firing frenquency , low range , mid damage . Although it`s low range , the grenade could be efficient for aoe damage.
  • Flame Thrower : High firing frenquency , low range , high damage . Within certain range , the Flame Thrower could do great damge to your opponents.
  • Mine : Set behind your vehicle , low firing frenquency , low range , high damage . It`s highly effective for consumed-power of your opponents with a cirular range.
  • Laser : Low firing frequency , high range , high damage . Doing great damge to all the opponents within a linear range , it`s a nightmare.

Different Terrain
Our team design many kinds of tracks,such as snow muddy desert jungle block etc.
  • Snow : When driving , the track is so smooth that it`s hard to operate with your vehicles.
  • Muddy : To avoid be swallowed up and gone by this track , You should never stop your vehicles.
  • Desert : It kicks up dust storms , which could has influence on your view of driving.
  • Rift : To avoid falling to the bottom , you should drive carefully.
  • Jungle : It is easy to get lost , when driving.
  • Block : You should drive carefully to avoid obstacles.

Game mode (Multiplayer)
  • Attack And Occupy : 3on3 , to destroy your opponents`base. Spend currency to purchase equipments in base or swap your vehicle.
  • Kill Zone : A weapon is randomized to the single player. Players kill for themselves , the one who kills more within 3min is the winner.

The Base
  • Fix up your vehicles automatically.
  • Spend currency to purchase equipments in base or swap your weapons.
  • Spend currency to swap your vehicle.
  • The base is destroyed by your opponents , you lose.
  • You and your pals destroy your opponents `base , you and your team win.

Screen style
Our game adopts cartoon&Lego style.Fresh,bright atmosphere is a main tone here.
Although the vehicle collisions are cruel in real life,here in our game it`s cute&funny.
Our game will make you think back to childhood,that you play carefreely with your buddies.

Our team is devoted to creating more vehicles,props and ways of playing.
  • rack To Race : "The Last Hard Men"show is performed in this mode.
  • Hot-Blooded Ball Game : Come here to play a ball game with your vehicles to fight for the tittle of"Road Hog".

Please pay attention to Bang Bang Car
Just follow support us in Green Light . We will keep you posted for any updated news.
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This is like smashy road on a laptop
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dank memez
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Как Твистед Метал?
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Ахаха! Да!
Люблю жанр игр про машин-убийц.
А Ко-оп будет? И можно будет свою тачку создать?
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lhave an experience as soon as possible