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Kitty Girl Fly
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 10 @ 4:23pm
Feb 9 @ 9:02am

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New Trailer and Screenshots
Release date: 2017
Pre-Alpha -

Kitty Girl Fly is an arcade game under development by Parallax Visions. The game features space-bending graphics as you navigate your character through wave after wave of monsters shooting deadly balls of energy. Accumulate points by destroying the monsters with your feline laser powers, but be careful: you've only got 9 lives and then it's GAME OVER. Players can share their high score to see how they rank in the world.

All images and videos shown are not final

4 Stage Arcade Mode
Survival Mode
Online Leaderboards
Controller/Arcade Stick Support
PC Mac and Linux Support
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Jan 12 @ 8:13am
Suggestions from me, bugs, CTD.
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废物S Jan 29 @ 11:14am 
very shiny!its lovely though.
BugPope Jan 17 @ 6:00pm 
My eyeballs are bleeding. This is physically painful to look at.
Parallax Visions  [author] Jan 14 @ 11:22am 
@elderscrolls35 I appreciate you looking out for us. The game is still under development and will likely look nothing like the original gameplay demo/screenshots. Feel free to share any concerns you have with the game. A lot of the ones already mentioned are being addressed in later builds, so know your comments are being heard. We will post an announcement this weekend detailing some of the progress.
elderscrolls35 Jan 14 @ 9:58am 
@Parallax Visions, if you are interested to hear my ideas/thoughts then, again, add me but reconsider about GL b-s cause, otherwise, I will be acting as well greedy if you will be wanting to hear my ideas (by the way - they may be childish), more probably I won't tell you anything at all. Just as fair as possible (people have to be in life though most of them don't know it/don't want to act like that). But you have my good wishes to you no matter what you will decide - people have to live happily.
elderscrolls35 Jan 14 @ 9:58am 
By the way, guys, you should reconsider having greenlight boosters in your friend list. Few words about new screenshots: raw and unfinished for now, I quess this will be chahged in the future. I actually have some ideas for this game but I don't know your budget and so on. Even with the small budget I can see, if you will be doing everything right, you can create cute game. You can add me to your friend list and talk to me in PM BUT reconsider having GL boosters, that's unfair just. Will be honest to you - for now this game doesn't deserve to be on Steam but it has potential, so, again, if you will be doing everything right then, maybe you won't get much money from selling this game, but you will be having a decent game on your life account.
Parallax Visions  [author] Jan 11 @ 9:11pm 
Thank you for your comments and suggestions, they're all appreciated. The game is to feature more varied enemies, stages, music, weapons, and visuals.
What we've created for the demo is what we to believe to be a representation of the most basic level of gameplay.
There will be 4 levels with a boss featuring unique mechanics and music as well as a survival mode where you must survive as many randomly generated waves as you can. I encourage you all to download the demo from itch and try out the game. Thanks for taking the time to check out Kitty Girl Fly:))

P.S. The game isn't a virus
[aCe]Deep Jan 11 @ 5:56pm 
SnackerZ Jan 11 @ 2:48pm 
What the hell am i looking at...
elderscrolls35 Jan 11 @ 12:01pm 
Hm, looks cute for me so why don't give it a chance. BUT ... you, developers, got a lot of work to do here, this game doesn't have to be released on February 14th 2017 cause it will be bad then. You need (in my opinion): (yes, someone sait it already here) improve animations for Kitty Girl; make more beautiful levels in this game (I quess it has to be the main in this game) and, of course music ... maybe some other ideas as well. For now - "Ask Me Later". If the game will remain the same then いいえ from me to this game. Just you have a lot of work to do. And yes, believe others but check them (sorry for my English) - is demo safe, without viruses, can maybe someone confirm it?
chris Jan 11 @ 10:52am 
It has potential, but it needs a lot more of polish.
Keep up at it!