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Esquadrão 5
Platforms: PC, Linux
Players: Single-player
Jan 10 @ 3:59pm
Jan 11 @ 1:59am

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Esquadrão 5 é um jogo no estilo shooter, topdown, rogue like, sci fi, onde o jogador deve explorar naves espaciais geradas proceduralmente, em busca de riquezas.

Editando o vídeo, em breve.

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Thalin0BR Jan 12 @ 7:51pm 
BETA SpacerZ!!
SpacerZ Jan 12 @ 7:36pm 
Terrible art and bad gameplay.
Thalin0BR Jan 12 @ 7:59am 
Gringos fdps, nem ligam pro jogo
jacomeliluciano Jan 11 @ 6:48pm 
Isso aí cara, parabens pelo jogo. Só uma dica os gringos não curtem tanto nossos game BR por ser simples. Se seu PC conseguir rodar uma Unreal Engine já ficaria melhor entende... Devido aos graficos, facilidade, ter milhares de tutoriais bacanas... Votei em SIM desanima não.
sKumbag70 Jan 11 @ 1:44pm 
No, no, a thousand times no.
studioDonQuixote Jan 11 @ 5:36am 
Nice, upvote!
Dragon Jan 10 @ 11:56pm 
That's not English. I can tell.

The graphics are far too simple and are a mix of conflicting styles.

No thanks.
Trehek Jan 10 @ 9:59pm 
The visuals seem too simple.
NoSoul Jan 10 @ 8:55pm 
Is it made with construct 2?
*checked dev profile, yes it is*
Since you are making your game with construct 2 (and have accomplished to get this far) it will get steadily better over time as you work on it.
You either uploaded your game on GL too early, or this is as far as you will get your game.
I will upvote a fellow c2 developer, but you definetly have to put a lot of work in your game.
Barbaroi Jan 10 @ 8:38pm 
This is way too plain and simple.
Boring just boring.