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World of Spider
Jan 10 @ 5:54am
Jan 11 @ 8:25am

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  • 99 piece levels
  • Unlimited live mode and Classic mode
  • Robust optimization
  • Surprise monsters and characters
  • A nostalgic game


Long time ago, ın a faraway universe there was a spider master it was so horrable and behave cruel to other spiders like they are its slaves. And then a spider who has courage, fight with Lucy, but killed his parents and exile to another universe by lucy. And then now that brave spider searching ways to return its own world and destruct to master that universes' which belongs Lucy.

  • 99 adet seviye
  • Sınırsız canlı mod ve klasik mod
  • Sağlam optimizasyon
  • Sağlam optimizasyon
  • Nostaljik bir oyun


Uzun zaman önce, uzak bir evrende Lucy adın da korkunç bir örümcek efendisi varmış,diğer örümceklere kötü davranıp köle gibi kullanırmış ama içlerin de cesur bir örümcek varmış bir gün bu örümceği Lucy gezegenin den başka bir boyuta sürgün edip annesini ve babasını öldürmüş.Ve şimdi o cesur örümcek kendi dünyasına dönmenin ve oranın efendisi olan Lucy'i mahvetmenin yollarını arıyor.

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Jan 10 @ 1:08pm
This ♥♥♥♥ again
< >
AngrySillydan Jan 12 @ 5:25am 
Blatant IP theft
galacsinhajto Jan 11 @ 12:13pm 
you can't be serious with this. you are a hack if I ever seen one
JibaNyarth Jan 11 @ 7:19am 
Nah. I'll just stick with Pac-Man CE, thanks.
Moon Star | Free Boost Jan 11 @ 5:19am 
i tested the demos and very cool game gaben pls greenlit game.
Rasen Jan 11 @ 4:47am 
So...basically Pac Man made by some asshole with no imagination.
Marfung Jan 11 @ 12:19am 
If you're going to remake Pac Man in the 21st century you need to bring something new to the table, even the makers of Pac Man understand that. And that trailer is so lazy, 7 seconds and no sound, it certainly matches your game in terms of effort.
Lord Dogblooper Piemaster Jan 10 @ 8:09pm 
Looking at this game made me look up the conduct rules to see if I could report this game. That's how lazy and pointless this game is. You'd be better off trying to market this game in newgrounds. They can always use more rip-offs.
Karl Pilkington Jan 10 @ 6:59pm 
using your friends to pretend to like this trash, pathetic.
Salmonsleeves Jan 10 @ 6:57pm 
Just one spider?
xSweetXRagex Jan 10 @ 5:58pm