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Tons of Bullets
Feb 14 @ 3:27am
Feb 14 @ 3:40am

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Release date: Q1 2017
Tons of Bullets

Tons of Bullets is an action platformer game where players control a tiny ninja name Kenji. He is on a mission to rescue his girlfriend, Jeena, who is being kidnapped by Kenji’s archenemy, Dr. Mad.

Travel through various obstacles and environment such as Snow field, Lava and submerged caves to chase Dr. Mad and his henchmen. Explore hidden rooms to uncover new weapons to use them against Dr. Mad’s creatures.

If you are a fan of action platformer games, Tons of Bullets is one game that you should not miss!
Tons of Bullets is developed with the venerable classic, Metroid and Castlevania, in mind. Therefore, sometimes the game is referred to as, MetroidVania by our growing fans to best describe the game.

"…it packs in pretty much everything you’d expect from a Metroidvania platformer."

" It offers pretty much everything that made a great platformer back in the day"
Pocket Gamer

=== FEATURES ===
★ Action platformer game at its finest; shoot, teleport, swing, double jump, jetpacking, carry, push and more!
★ Stealth mode mechanics, Ninja style
★ Eye Candy Pixel Art graphics
★ Rideable vehicles to help you get through the adventure
★ Various different weapons with its inventory system
★ Scripted cut scenes
★ Night Vision mode
★ Destructible objects
★ Huge bosses!
★ Great touch control
★ Gamepad support (MFI and iCade for iOS and Android official gamepads)
★ Multi lingual support
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Karl Pilkington Feb 14 @ 9:12pm 
you call yourself fredbear games? downvote.
EmmettTheDestroyer Feb 14 @ 3:43pm 
huh I left at the: 'just an ordinary platformer part'

Kool idea
StrykerTorstein Feb 14 @ 9:01am 
Its good for Google Play but not really something that fits to PC. Try your luck there :)
Booker DeWitt Feb 14 @ 7:27am 
linux version?

Dracologist Feb 14 @ 6:43am 
aspect ratio is an unknown term i take
Mr.Pacman Feb 14 @ 4:53am 
really nice gamge :D
White n' proud Feb 14 @ 4:07am 
Did you actually stretch the screen so it's 16:9? Like what the fuck
IGRODELSKY Feb 14 @ 3:33am 
Cool ;)