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Rolling Out in 7.01 (Tiny Guide)
By Raven
After 15 winning games of tiny in this patch I realized something, tiny is really op this patch as a 2nd position. His ability to quickly burst down people and buildings alike make him the perfect hero for this patch. Also with the introduction of a more open map and wells (which are huge buffs to roamers/gankers) makes it easier for tiny to roam around. I am also finding that a tiny with lance,blink, and arcanes at 12 minutes can win a lot of games.
How 7.00 and 7.01 Buffed Tiny (Skip to get to the Meat)
Now if some of you remember the olden days of tiny (pre-7.0) he was all about hiding in trees with blink and gank much like a sladar, once he got his hands on one around 10min. Then he would slowly snowball as he acumilated kill after kill until tiny literally rolled out of control ending most games around the 40min mark. Nowadays the concept hasn't changed too much you play him in generally the same way with the roaming once you get blink, then ahgs, then att speed, then luxary pickups like crits or sheep stick (sythe of vyse).

After jogging your memory on how tiny "was" played lets quickly go over what 7.00 gave us.
A more open map in the form of more stairs. Makes getting into the enemy jungle via blink or shadow blade easier for tiny. Which in turn helps him to start gaining momentum early on.

Shrines placed around the map to help us with mana and hp restoration. These shrines are VERY IMPORTANT!!! The top shrines for both teams represents Roshan control if that is lost then so is rosh and probobally the game as well. Also a tiny with ahgs melts shrines (ez gold).

4 new rune spots to give bottle a huge buff on top of the regen.A bottle combined with shrine regen create a paradise of endless mana that allows tiny to flash farm nuetrals as he roams for 240 mana.

  • Heroes Get ultimate Upgrades at 6,12,18
  • Heroes get new "talents" at 10,15,20,25 (totally not ripped from HOTS)

Now lets also take a look at what happened to tiny

  • The 25% trigger on craggy is really broken, especially when combined with pms (Poor Mans Sheild). It allows you to easily draw creep aggro without much penalty.
  • Craggy also got a damage buff as well as a buff to the stun.
  • It may only work on melee heroes now but also put into the consideration of the loss of ranged kiters this meta, like drow and mirana. Along with the emergence of str based carries with like cent and wraith king.
  • Tiny's talents are stupidly broken as h@ll. At lvl 10 you get a free energy booster. At 15 you get +45dmg or more ms. At 20, either counter half of your ulti's penalty or never worry about mana again. At 25, well, this is so dumb. 20% cooldown reduction on everything, items and skills. OR, +200 avalanche damage which I will cover later in this guide why that is broken as well.
  • In 7.01 all this craziness was not touched at all, as the focus was much more on nerfing monkey king.
Laning with Tiny

I mean you dont have to take mid but I highly recommend it. Your goal in mid is to gain lots of levels. That means staying healty in lane with lots of sustain and creep aggro to not get exp denied. Tools that help you acomplish this goal are wind lace, poor man's sheild, wand and bottle. You dont need to get all these items, just be aware of the pace of the game and make decisions accordingly.

Now lets say you don't get mid cause your invoker claims he is 7k or some sort of god. This does not mean you have to feed. The world will not end. Like any happy safe-lane carry make sure you have a decent support that wards and babysits you all the way to your blink. If you are in the safelane I do recommend rushing blink after boots and wand/bottle. Since your game impact during that first 10 minutes will be less that taking mid and destroying the enemy midlaner.

  • If you are mid grab pms and draw aggro constantly to denie and secure last hits. With 1 level in craggy and boots-windlance you can keep the creeps off you.
  • Grab a wand if you find an enemy in lane seems trigger happy with ability use.
  • Bottle is also great but only pick it up if your team only has 1 bottle or less.
  • Use the Shrines. The shrine near the mid teir 3 is great but so is the one on the high ground spot in your big jungle. Remember your goal is to stay in lane and gain exp and gold to snowball +15 minutes.
They give easy mana for you and your team. Build for early 5 man or if all your suppoerts and too poor to get this. More of a utility item and gives 5 extra movespeed.

Overall treads are more efficent due to "Tread Switching" but are more of a greedy purchase. The att speed bonus will counter your first level of grow penalty. Treads help a lot with free farm in lane and last hitting early on.
Blink is the bread and butter to this hero. Makes landing Toss-Avalanche combos effortless. Gets better at lvl 25 with cooldown reducation talent. Allows you to flash farm neutrals better.

I dont think I need to explain this one.

Synergizes well with both passives along with it being one of the best auras in-game. Awesome for ending games when combined with ahgs.

Gives you even more kill potential and some much needed mana regen that goes great with the lvl 10 talent of extra int.

Situational Core (What about thoose other slots?)
Ah yes crits on tiny, you can't really go wrong with this item. Do keep in mind that this item doesn't help with towers and it doesn't give attack speed.

This is a great item if the pace of the game prompts you to roam a lot. The break also is great with any hero that has heavy relience on their passives (example bristleback).

Simply a replacement for echo saber. Keep in mind that nor sange or yasha builds into any useful items for tiny. Also the extra movespeed is kinda redundent especially if you have both blink and lace.

You will almost never pickup this item. The only times it could ever be used is to deal with the following spells. Doom, Lasso, Feind's Grip, Rupture, Duel, Dismember. Keep in mind this will not save you from crowd control disables.

LUXARY (YOLO Items, why have you not ended the game yet?)

Ability Use and Skill Build
Avalanche (Q)
Deals 25/45/65/75 (Talents 75/95/115/125) damage in 0.25 second intervals, starting 0.5 seconds after cast, resulting in 4 instances. Use this skill before Toss for bonus damage of 50/90/130/150 (Talents 150/190/230/250). TIP: This spell has a very fast cast point but there is 0.5 sec delay before the damage and stun is applied. The trick is to toss a unit beore the damge starts for a "combo".

As seen in the picture there is a small boulder that is released first in this 0.5 sec interval.

Toss (W)
Grow 0: 90/180/270/360 damage.
Grow 1: 101.25/202.50/303.75/405 (Ahgs. 112.50/225.00/337.50/450) damage.
Grow 2: 112.50/225.00/337.50/450 (Ahgs. 123.75/247.50/371.25/495) damage.
Grow 3: 123.75/247.50/371.25/495 (Ahgs. 135/270/405/540) damage.
Remember combo this with Avalanche

Craggy Exterior (Passive)

Major buffs in 7.00, grab at least 1 level in this skill because 1 level = 3 armor + 25% chance to proc ministun upon being attacked by melee heroes.

Ultimate GROW (Passive)
Grab the normal levels on this skill at 6,12,18.
35%/50%/65% (Ahgs. 50%/65%/80%) bonus to tossed unit damage along with free base damage all at the cost of only 50 attack speed. Oh did I forget to mention it gives you 60 base movespeed at max level. Possibly best passive in Dota.

The level 10 and level 25 talents stand out the most for me. Get the extra int at level 10 you'll be happy you did, trust me. At 25 the choice is yours, the cooldown reduction is awsome but a bit of a luxary. Keep in mind that a +200dmg increase to avalanche damgae is huge as well.

Final Notes about Skills
  • Yes grow gives movespeed
  • Ahgs does buff tossed unit damage (just learned this in the making of this guide)
  • The full toss-avalanche combo at max deals 1540 damage before reductions (with +200dmg talent and ahgs)

Skill Build
Lets give Avalanche "Q", Toss "W", Craggy "E", GROW "R", "0" for nothing and "T" for talent.
So then my skill build is.............
Final Notes
Thanks a lot for reading my guide on tiny if you have questions, comments, love, I accept it all in the comments below. If you want me to do some more guides let me know! <3
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