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[BR426] S6 Grafing-Munich-Tutzing
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[BR426] S6 Grafing-Munich-Tutzing

Drive the extended S-Bahn (local commuter) Line 6 from Grafing through rural landscape and sprawling suburbs into the capital city of Munich, past extensive cargo yards, through the central city tunnel past the Main Station to Pasing and on through forest and into the alpine upland all the way past Lake Starnberg to Tutzing. An interesting, exciting, varied and demanding trip through the bavarian heartland with loads of AI.

Vehicle: BR426 local commuter train
Type: Career Scenario
Duration: ca. 90 minutes
Difficulty: Medium (3/5)
Stops: 33
Weather: Day, Summer, Clear

This is a scenario for the combined route, which is therefore of course needed, as well as the 3 routes it requires. But I only used consists that were included in these (BR101, BR423, BR426, BR294), so you need the 3 routes, but nothing else.

- Don't speed. It is a career scenario, but the stopping times at stations are generous. Drive relaxed. Speeding penalties are still harsh (left it default). When more than a few seconds early, wait a little until you open the doors. Being more or less on time guarantees the best AI experience.
- Don't brake too hard. Everything until -60% is absolutely okay. Above that, and your passangers will revolt (also left harsh drive quality penalties default). On the other hand, speeding up by pushing the throttle all the way up to 100 at once works without problems and is viable.
- Watch for (red) signals. Some are tricky. If you see one, try to ask for permission to cross first (TAB). Only when denied, brake and wait for the train before you to clear the track.
- Because of some of the tricky signals, driving with PZB is challenging. But interesting.
- Save regularly, but not at every station. TS is still sometimes overwhelmed by itself. I ironed out all quirks I could find, and tested the drive extensively, not only in the editor, but by driving the whole thing several times. Sometimes all goes well, sometimes you get "AI left path", collision or plain old CTDs, that I cannot reproduce. Loading the save a few stations back usually fixes it and the journey can go on. Except when the save point is too close to the problem, then you have to start over. I needed a lot of AI (over 70) to make the long drive interesting. But it still works.
- At "Donnersberger Brücke", drive all the way to the end next to the signal and the "H" sign, or the doors won't open. No clue why. Seems to be a problem from the original map.

Like the original maps, the city center of Munich is still extremely challenging in fps. On my older PC I sometime get around 8. But it is still interesting to drive through and watch the traffic.

Check out my other scenario:

This is my first upload for Train Simulator, so any and all constructive feedback is welcome. Please comment and rate. Thank you.

Have fun!
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markushausner Sep 10, 2017 @ 7:36am 
Hi there. I want to publish a scenario for this combined route (scenario is made with scedule, not a career scen.). But it does not appear to publish it on the workshop. How can I publish it ? Thx for your help.
CC Johnson  [author] Jan 19, 2017 @ 1:45pm 
You're very welcome. If you like, please leave a feedback after you tried it. Also, I'm thinking of doing a second one with a faster train where you don't stop everywhere. What do you think of using the train from Semmering?
Tim van der Leeuw Jan 19, 2017 @ 1:14pm 
Nice to have a scenario for the combined route! Thank you!

I'll be sure to try it out in the weekend! :)