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1940s Spy
Universe: Team Fortress
Models: Character
Tags: Sfm, Spy
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Jan 6 @ 9:11pm
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1940s Spy

According to the Track Terrorizer (a cosmetic item for the scout), Scout's age is around 23 years old.

The Gravel Wars (the main setting for TF2) start at around 1968.

This means that Scout was born in the 1940s.

If Spy was actually his father, then Spy and Scout's mother would've met somewhere around that time.

EDIT (11 Jan 2017 7:29PM AEDT): Spy is scout's dad confirmed![]

I wasn't really planning to release this model, but some people want it so here you guys go.

P.S. If you also want the 1940s Scout's mom model, you can get it here[]

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Jan 13 @ 9:14am
Baby scout looks jewish
noodle boy 123
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42.58 MHz/T  [author] Feb 19 @ 11:39pm 
@GoDoFcRaP42, click the link and read the comic!
GoDoFcRaP42 Feb 19 @ 5:41pm 
Way-way-way-way-wait- hold zeh fucking frog legs here. Spy IS Scout's dad, CONFIRMED?! The Spy is Scout's father? The two biggest rival in TF side-canon are father and son? This is an official thing? Holy shit- how long has this been a thing?!
StarCosmicPowPixel Feb 13 @ 3:26am 
make a unmask pyro
Phobias Feb 8 @ 1:15pm 
Don't suppose you could do the unmasked pyro model that Gmod has?
PjWrox Feb 1 @ 7:31pm 
This model is extremely well done! My only issue is the face. It's a bit too... sharp, for a 20-ish year old spy.

Basically, I think you should soften some of the sharp angles of his face, make the cheekbones a bit less prominent, make the eyes a tad more so, something like that.

I have never modeled anything in my life, so some of those examples might not work. And I'm sure that it would take a lot of work, but just some suggestions. Either way, great model :) Long comment is long
[✠] Shishkin Jan 17 @ 7:49pm 
sieg heil!
mattdiction Jan 14 @ 1:14pm 
Digital Disport Jan 14 @ 11:54am 
I will do anything for you to release a bodygroup or seperate model of him with the RED balaclava (so basically normal head). pleeeeeeeeeeeease?
hello_imbrian Jan 13 @ 1:37pm 
duhhh sex bomb *reveals sex bomb tattoo*
ipad mini Jan 13 @ 9:12am 
about 27 years ago, i dropped a sex bomb in your mother