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God Mod (v.42)
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Jan 6, 2017 @ 11:13am
Dec 28, 2017 @ 12:40am
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God Mod (v.42)

Play through Torchlight 2 as an overpowered god like character.
New class added:
*God Race

New skills added:
*Summon God's Skeletons (summon 2 skeletal warriors to fight for you Max: 20)
*Summon God's Archers (summon 8 skeletal archers to fight for you Max: 24)
*Summon God's Mage (summon a skeletal mage to fight for you Max: 2)
*Summon God's Knights (summon 3 skeletal knights to fight for you Max: 21)
*Summon God's Champion (summon a skeletal champion to fight for you Max: 2)
*Summon God's Artificer (summon a artificer to fight for you Max: 1)
*Minion Mastery (buffs to pet & minions)
*God Warp (removes cooldown)
*Death Beam (removes staff & wand requirement)
*Damage Mastery (buff to damage)
*God Slash (Slashes in all directions & generates mana on hit)
*God's Vortex (pulls enemies towards you)
*Soul Burst (dash a short distance)
*Soul Leap (leap a short distance)
*Resistance Mastery
*Black Hole (pulls enemies towards summoned black hole)
*Death Wave (red ice wave)
*Twister (modified sandstorm summons 3 twisters)
*Bane Breath (temporary skill)
*Absorb Souls
More skills to come!

All skills are max level and unlocked at level 1

If the god race alone isn't enough for you to dominate, try using the gear below.

item spawn codes:
item god_helm
item god_armour
item god_shoulders
item god_amulet
item god_gloves
item god_shield
item god_pants
item god_ring_l
item god_ring_r
item god_boots
item god_sword
Item god_jewel,51

These items spawn in the game world but are set to very rare drop rates.

For more info on how to enable the console, and use console commands.
Please see the following link:

This is my first mod originally created for myself, be sure to leave a comment!
I'm from Australia, and we spell it armour not armor. Sorry to be difficult! :)

If you have any requests please be sure to ask!

Possible future changes:
*New skills
*Custom skill requirements & balanced level progression
*More immersive end game god gear
*New dungeons

Known Compatibility Issues:
*TL1CP Torchlight 1 class pack - Replaces god warp end animation
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