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Place for wards in Dota 2
By G2A | ArcAD
The new patch has caused a series of changes in the gameplay: both directly and indirectly affect the game. One of the main problems - landscape. Unusually go on new paths, look for ways to farm and forest waste. It is more difficult to find and was a good place for Ward.

In patch 7.00 are too many places to see - in addition to the standard movements and control the runes now want to see the state of Bounty-runes and shrines opponent. Number of wards has not increased, so now have a support not only get used to the new points for warding, but also to make hard choices between the control of certain provisions.
Easy line
Still it is crucial to control its light lines and elevations on the Central line.

At the same time sophisticated lines to control the opponent harder. I want to control a part of the forest and not just the typical movement of the supports triple, but to cover all is almost impossible. Often the focus is still on forest and main ways — pay attention to these wards.
Control of basic runes
Of course, in the beginning of the game it makes sense to set a ward to control the basic runes, if it is important for mider. The point of the installation is almost not changed, with the exception of the review on the top rune side of the top line. Some of them will be useful in other situations — for example, ward in the first picture gives Dire not only control over the appearance of runes, but also the vision at the Shrine of the enemy, and farm the ancient creeps camp, located nearby. At the same time gaining visibility on a covered bench and a Shrine, you lose sight of the rune.
On these screenshots, we control the bottom rune.
On the top rune also you can put interesting wards — and it is worth Recalling that the control of this particular point is crucial in the fight for Roshan, the entrance to the cave which is now directly above the rune.
On these screenshots, we control the top rune.
Control over the shrines
An important role plays the visibility of the enemy shrines and runes of wealth, which in the case of what will it take to reach. These wards are rarely used at the start of the game, but the midgame can help to catch the timing to use the aura of the Shrine or to conduct a competent fight in the opponent's half.
Some places in the woods id Dota2
The following images show how much information they give and how important for both attacking and defending team.
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