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Skeletons: A Playable Race (.90b) UPDATE: 6/09/13
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Jul 18, 2012 @ 8:27pm
Jun 9, 2013 @ 9:34pm
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Subscribe to download Skeletons: A Playable Race (.90b) UPDATE: 6/09/13

-I bet you all thought this mod was dead edition
-A small scale update, more of a hotfix
Featured addition
-First person finally no longer has the obnoxious visible jaw.

-Added a much, much larger amound of useable armors. Around 60-70% are useable now. Pretty much early-game melee armor is all that doesn't work.
-Boots, gloves, and helms were added in. However, boots on the left foot seem to be a little messed up. This is a mesh issue that I can't fix right away, but it doesn't break the game.
-Fixed a height issue. Skeletons are a little short now, but they can fit under small overhangs now.

--------------------------------WHAT THE MOD DOES-------------------------------------
"Skeletons: A Playable Race" allows the player to choose to play as an extremely spooky skeleton, a race complete with its own unique traits, voice, and abilities. While still pretty early in development with some bugs (listed below), it is a fully functional, working mod.

As it has been requested many times, the traits and skill bonuses that skeletons receieve are currently:
One handed: +10
Two Handed: +5
Conjuration: +10
Archery: +5
Sneak: +5
Total: 35, same as other races
Skeletons also receive very strong poison resistance, decent frost resistance, and waterbreathing.
(all of these are subject to change, but it's alright for the time being)

A note about the images: they don't represent the actual mod visuals. All mod resources are straight from the game, so it will look just like whatever default textures you are using, unless you have them replaced. My crappy PC is no indication. If someone could take better pictures for me, contact me or post an imgur/other image uploader link in the comments or on my profile, I'd appreciate it.)

*******Compatability Concerns*******
It's possible, however unlikely, that the mod could have compatability issues with mods that mess around with eyes and other things related to the draugr and skeletons. For the safety of your saves, PLEASE disable this mod BEFORE loading any non-skeleton character saves.

**********IMPORTANT, READ THIS**********
Thanks for taking a look at this mod. Before installing this, there are some important things you need to know

-This mod is still early in development, so there are quite a lot of issues
- I can only work so fast, so give me time to hammer out bugs as they come
- Most armor is visible on your skeleton characters now, but there are a few that still won't work. This is primarily light armor. Anything that shows skin on normal characters will not work, which is a good 30% or so.

Aside from this, below is a list of all of the bugs that I'm currently aware of

- In 1st Person mode, you can sometimes see parts of your skull, and a weird looking leg can be seen if you look down. This is because I haven't made a proper 1st person model yet. I will try to fix it eventually, but I am not well-versed in 3d modelin.
- When you die, after the animation ends and the body is supposed to enter a "ragdoll" state, it returns to a sort of default pose. It's not a game breaking bug, but its a little odd looking, and I'm looking into fixing this.
- Some of the armors, even the ones that will show, will have ribs or other things clipping through. Will be fixed later as it is minor.

Finally, PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT ANY BUGS YOU FIND. I can't test it very well by myself, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Further, if you know of any body armors that show no skin at all that still aren't visible, LET ME KNOW. I can add this in in a later update.

Have fun with the mod, and don't forget to leave feedback so I can improve it.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing a persistant glowing eyes issue on non skeleton characters, follow these steps
With the mod active:
1. Load the character up.
2. Enter the Skyrim console
3. Type "player.addspell 000f71d1" without quotes
4. If you go into third person, you should see a kind of dark "aura" around your character now
5. Now enter the skyrim console again, and type "player.removespell 000f71d1" without quotes
6. Upon exiting the console, the glowing eyes and the dark aura should be gone.

-A big thanks to the AussieTechTeam on Youtube for the excellent video showcasing the mod.
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Demonhunter666 Apr 6 @ 4:54am 
i have a problem with glowing eyes
noamisnell Mar 18 @ 9:34am 
looks pretty cool
MrEpicMan Mar 16 @ 2:23pm 
you need to fix this because any armor that doesnt show up you can equip while having another on
McLovin Mar 16 @ 8:18am 
Bean ™ Mar 14 @ 2:23pm 
So, I downloaded this fine after clean reinstalling skyrim. Looks great, but what happened to the first person hand models? They're invisible while third person is fine.
Cohort™ Mar 11 @ 4:55pm 
i cant even see my hands
bambithedestroyer Mar 8 @ 6:10pm 
It's a shame that armors and ropes don't show up on the skeletons. :/
TwistedParadigm Mar 6 @ 6:52pm 
So the male skeleton has hair and I'd be female, because it doesn't really matter, but the walk animation is driving me crazy. Any way to get rid of the hair?
ProtocolZ Mar 6 @ 12:17pm 
If you are interested in making races I would love if you go to thes link I will give you and read up on races that are exctint and makethem playable! http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Races
maybe Sload-Slug like beasts
Deadra- Do I really have to explain?
Aureal-more commonly known as Golden Saints, are Daedric humanoids who appear as men or half-clad women with golden-hued skin
Imga- Ape men like Gorilla looking race
(these are just badass sounding ones I'd like to see)
honEd Mar 1 @ 9:12pm 
Please make a forsworn briarheart race! that would be epic.