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Imperium Age of Sails and Shot
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Imperium Age of Sails and Shot

A non-historical Age of Sails campaign. Currently in 1.0 release state with all factions having their own selection of unique (and shared generic ship of the line) designs and individuality. The campaign map is fully ready for being played upon, barring future corrections and overhauls or fixes and balance updates. The ships you see here in the screenshots are only the slightest selection of the brand new in-game designs! Each of the many factions has at least 15 unique designs (barring the tutorial faction) to battle with cannon and shot on the high seas.

And now, with a slight workaround there is also land combat in the very same campaign as that stars all the naval action! The westerners have armies of steam tanks and field guns, the Oikos have loads of myhtical and pagan constructs, and the Jawhallians have industrial tanks and mobile fortresses!

Currently in the campaign:

-Manduelan Regency (Spain equivalent): loads of cheap easier-to-beat generic line of battle ship designs. The tutorial faction

-Oikos Olicarcy (Ancient Greece with guns and lightning): Loads of Galleys and glass cannons. Not sure how challenging they will turn out to be. They currently have their own mini campaign, with both land and naval combat.

-Habsburg (german equivalent): Massive floating fortresses and medievel/gothic styled designs, next to a good variety and generic and other line of battle ships. They currently have their own mini campaign, with both land and naval warfare.

-Kingdom of the Eyre (English Equivalent): Akin to the stereotype of the English navy: lots of big line of battle ships! And some galleons and barques and privateer designs, next to a few generic ones. They currently use a lot of Onyx watch blackpowder designs. These are there to stay. I feel they do not come to rights very well in Neter.

-South Limburg (Dutch equivalent): lots of fat bellied galleons brimming with cannonry, and a selection of larger and experimental designs to test your mettle against. They come in larger groups too!

-Emirates of Jahwallia; a slight deviation from the theme, as they are the late game faction starring a lot of the ironclad predreadnought battleships floating about the workshop. But those deserved their spot in the spotlights too.

The improved simple weapons balance mod is no longer required, nor usable! A recent update brought simple weapons on a good enough level!


Want to play the most fully fledged age of sails campaign currently available for from the depths? Want to see massive battle galleys mounting ballista batteries and pagan sorcery duel it out with the mighty Gothic Panzerkirche cathedral-fortress? Want to shoot the crap out of the Dutch?

Or just curious, or a haphazard passerby?

The campaigns is free to both try out and uninstall, so giving it a go never hurts!
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Carolus Magnus  [author] Aug 4 @ 12:37am 
If you hit the subscribe button here, and go into the workshop submenu on the main menu; there should be a tab named planet workshop (next to vehicle workshop etc).
Open "planet workshop", go to manage subscriptions, select imperium and press install.
Going back, you can use the change planet tab to switch to Imperium.
Rexer Aug 3 @ 7:03am 
How can i play the mod?
Carolus Magnus  [author] Aug 1 @ 7:51am 
I hope you'll like it!
pigchopsbacon Jul 31 @ 12:27pm 
Awesome, Iv wanted an age of sails campaign. Now I have a reason to build sloops, ships of the line, frigates, ect. Sailing ships of coarse.
andymcneil204 Jul 17 @ 12:38pm 
the way you did the made it so theirs infantry in it is interesting

i might make a couple imperial guard soilders based off the same method
Carolus Magnus  [author] Jul 16 @ 3:30am 
The subforum in the custom campaign thread over at the from the depths fora got authorised!
andymcneil204 Jul 11 @ 6:54am 
yay! i finally have a reason to build steam tanks
Carolus Magnus  [author] Jul 11 @ 6:41am 
The new version is in. The Jawhallian land forces are ready!
Carolus Magnus  [author] Jul 10 @ 3:48pm 
Well, gave lathland a call on his latest FtD video. Not getting my hopes up though.
Carolus Magnus  [author] Jul 10 @ 2:37pm 
If we count Mayas and Aztecs and Incas as native americans that might lead to some interesting stuff ...

Also, resisting the urge to give the names of a certain three godesses to some Jawhallian designs. Might make the case a bit too obvious.

ifyaknowwotImean *nudgenudge*