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Battle Gem Ponies
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 1 @ 5:00pm
Mar 16 @ 6:28am

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Here's Why This Game is Legally Safe
Some Much Needed Changes
Release date: Late 2017

    Meet your very own super-powered, shape-shifting pony and embark on a journey to become the Pinto region’s next Prime Champion! This is a turn-based RPG adventure featuring cute companions, captivating action, strategic combat, virtually no grinding, and surprisingly few horse puns.

    This is a project still in the early stages of development and currently functions more like a tech demo than a carefully crafted adventure. Each and every bit of feedback is going to help shape the game's design, how characters look, and how the story develops as new updates are released month-by-month to showcase the game's progress.

    Being developed by just one Tony Yotes puts a harsh limit on the scope of things, but any additions and alterations within a recent graduate's ability can be placed on the development schedule. The goal here is to make the best pony collecting RPG there is, after all. Having a few bad ideas thrown out or redesigned will only benefit the game in the end. So regarding the dev schedule, the features listed below explain what's currently planned for the final release.

    • Fully Animated Battle RPG! -
      Every single pony and attack is uniquely animated to bring these pixel art battles to life!
    • Explore a Vast World! -
      An enormous, vibrant region awaits! Travel through deserts, mountains, forests, graveyards, and underwater temples on your quest through the Pinto region.
    • Power Up Your Pony! -
      Form a powerful bond with your shapeshifting pony companion and watch it grow stronger, learn awesome new moves, and take on the toughest of enemies.
    • Travel with Your Pony! -
      Surf across oceans and lakes with swift-swimming ponies. Teleport to the nearest Health Center whenever you like with a simple phone call. You can even relax for a few seconds and see how your pony friend is feeling about your current location and situation.
    • Customize Your Team! -
      Choose who you take into battle from a selection of 60 Ponies and their Ultra Forms. You can alter their moves, stats, and equipment to become an unbeatable trainer!
    • Hundreds of Different Moves! -
      Using attacks assigned to your pony's Light, Heavy, Status, and Tutor slots makes you think more carefully about which moves to take into battle.
    • Discover the Secrets of the Legendary Alicorns! -
      Powerful, winged unicorns that draw their power from the heavens are said to be the strongest ponies to ever live. People have wanted to harness their power for personal gain since ancient times. With recent advancements in technology, however, it might be easier than ever for their power to fall into the wrong hands...
    • Hunt Down the Wild Alphas! -
      Special versions of wild ponies roam the map, and these alpha ponies are far stronger than the ones that lurk in the grass. Each one will have a special interaction with you before your one and only chance to capture their powers for yourself!
    • Crank Up the Difficulty! -
      Can't expect everyone you fight to be a pushover. You’ll have your skills tested by expert Mavens and fight for your life against the evil Paragon Cartel. And if you find those too easy, you can always try the much more challenging Oatmeal Mode where your fallen ponies don't come back.

      Available on PC, Mac, Linux, & Android on
      Expect Weekly DevLogs and Monthly Updates as the project comes together. Aiming to release to mobile and PC platforms by August 2017.

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      Jak ta gra dostanie się na steam będzie fajnie i napewno zagram!
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      Nia path of planes is approved of Green Light steam comunity.

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      A pony game on Steam cant wait.
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      Wow this is a great game .
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      Pretty excited for this one
      Grapony Feb 24 @ 8:36pm 
      I have tried the demo,wonderful!
      Nek0 King✪ Feb 24 @ 3:57am 
      I want it
      Give it to me
      Lori Loud ITA Feb 23 @ 4:30am 
      Great game.

      josh.blauvelt Feb 22 @ 5:21pm 
      when dose it come out?
      kuco Feb 22 @ 9:55am 
      I can't wait :D :D