Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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13x8, A* Geothermal Heating Plant
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Dec 31, 2016 @ 12:12am
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13x8, A* Geothermal Heating Plant

In 1 collection by Venth
A* Services / エイスター・サーヴィス
29 items
A-star Services will help to make your city better!

Heating output: 200MW
Upkeep: 1,000 / week
Cost: 85,000

Smaller size (9x15-->13x8)

Noise pollution: 50
Noise pollution radius: 50

Water: 15
Electricity: 15
Sewage: 15
Garbage: 8
Uneducated: 30
Educated: 50
Well Educated: 50
Highly Educated: 30

DLC required: 'Snowfall' and 'Natural Disaster'

---Description of the original Geothermal Heating Plant----
"While using geothermal energy is not as effective as fossil
fuels, it is very safe for the environment. The Geothermal
Heating Plant pumps heat from deep within the earth to
distribute it to citizens. Make sure the building is connected
to upgraded water pipes so it can distribute heating to

<<A* Services / エイスター・サーヴィス>>

A* Elementary School –5x4
A* Elementary School ii –4x4
A* High School –8x10
A* University –14x8

A* Medical Clinic –5x4
A* Hospital –10x8
A* Medical Heliport –12x8

A* Cemetery –10x8
A* Crematorium –2x3

A* Police Station –4x3
A* Police Station ii –4x3
12x8, A* Police Helicopter Depot
A* Prison –13x8

A* Fire House –4x3
A* Fire House ii –4x3
A* Fire Helicopter Depot –8x11

10x8, A* Disaster Response Unit
5x4, A* Disaster Response Team
A* Emergency Shelter –4x4
A* Emergency Shelter ii –4x6

A* Metro Station –2x2
A* Goods Station –16x6 (Cargo Train Station, or Freight Station)
A* Goods Station ii –16x6 (Cargo Train Station, or Freight Station)

13x8, A* Geothermal Heating Plant –13x8

A* Coal Power Plant –4x4
A* Solar Power Plant –8x8
A* Nuclear Power Plant –14x8
A* Wave Power Plant –9x4

A* Incineration Plant –4x4

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Venth  [author] Jan 6 @ 2:31am 
Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t release the props. Actually, I just changed the size of the original model, so no props of mine are used.
itsmetheuglykid Jan 5 @ 7:34pm 
This is awesome!! Can you release the props you used to make this?? like the pipe and stair cases and stuff?