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Contraption Maker

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WGS's Contraption Maker Puzzles
These are just my puzzle designs. They will have some challenge to them.

Check back periodically to see if there are new puzzles to solve! This collection is to make it easy to subscribe to all my stuff. If I missed any, check:

I encourage finding alternate solutions to my puzzles and them being reported to me!
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Tim the Multitasker
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Tim needs your help! Prevent the lights from flickering on and off, pop the balloon, make sure the electrical switch is off, make sure the candle is not lit, and make sure the basketball near the nitro is off-screen.

I really tried to remove as many parts...
Don't Kick the Bucket
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Help Tim out!

-Tim likes dark toast.
-Cool his dog and cat.
-Dispose the Magic 8 Ball.
-Put away his baseball in his bucket.

Poor Waldo
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Oh no! Milton is scaring Waldo away from eating his meal by releasing Tinker! Help Waldo eat his food. Milton will make a great dessert after that ordeal....
Unbearable Conditions
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Hibernation isn't going so well. Help Dozer make make an emergency breakfast! Make some scrambled eggs and feed it to Dozer, make some toast, bring the tea to him steaming, and get the blender going....
Cannon Conundrum
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Fire the cannon!...
Extraterrestrial Goodbye
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The aliens have to say goodbye to their beloved galactic fish pets. Set them free and have the aliens leave the planet....
Party Trick
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Get the balloon off the top of the screen unpopped....
Mad Scientist Waldo
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Waldo is defying the laws of physics and Milton thinks that is unfair for their usual game of Cat-and-Mouse. Cage the cat with Waldo's own science!...
Jack's Slow Morning
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Help Jack pop his top to get his morning started!...
Happy Neighbors
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Tim's next door neighbor Tom doesn't like noise, but realizes that they need to compromise for both to live happily. Help Tim out by getting all his pets to bed, make sure the Whistle isn't blowing, and make sure that electrical devices are turned off for ...
Cave Escape
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The hot air balloon is stuck in the cave! Help light it so it can get off the top of the screen safely!...
Electric Bill Mishap
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Oh no! Waldo and Tinker failed to pay their electric bill and Tim took away their power! They don't want to do things by candle light forever!. The calavry has arrived with a temporary candle to help get power back! Keep the generators and solar panel acti...
Box Up Mix Up
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Get the basketball into the cardboard box and the bowling ball into the recycle bin....
Test Fire
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Without any ropes, perform a test fire with the gun!...
Timely Breakfast
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Make some outdoor breakfast by getting the coffee brewing, make some toast, make scrambled eggs, and make a smoothie....
Zombie Horde
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Tim is in trouble and is petrified! Zombies just popped out of the spooky forest! Save him by using the special zombie explosive on them so he can "walk away" to tell the tale!...
Pandemonium Predicament
Created by wildgoosespeeder
How does Tim get into these predicaments? Help him get home safely!...
Smash Boom
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Launch the fire work!...
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Make sure the parts disposal disposes...something......
Pumpkin Smash
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The Eggheads are scaring away their ghost neighbor. Help the ghost smash their jack-o-lanturn!...
Passing On The Torch
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The pet olympics are about to start, but Tinker needs to take his torch and light Waldo's. Can you save the opening ceremony?...
MacGyver It!
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The Tim Brigade wants to be resourceful, so they made a snow fort, aside from their igloo. Without any gears, tacks, fire, guns, or lasers, they want to pop their yellow balloon....
Storing the Past
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Bellows are so 19th century. Compress it so it can be stored....
Goodnight Tim
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Tim needs to go to bed and get some sleep for is big day at his bro's house. Put him to sleep and turn off his light!...
Undecided Shake Flavor
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Andrew the Egg isn't sure if he wants to prepare his shake using solar power or rotational power. Using what he has, help him decide between the power sources to turn on his blender!...
Garage Grumbles
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Hold it right there! Before you can go play with your friends, you need to mow the lawn. Fire up the lawn mower so you can mow the lawn. Then you can go play....
Golden Escape
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The gold balloon is stuck on the alien planet by the vicious white and orange beasts! Help the gold balloon escape the alien planet by distracting the alien creatures so it can bring back valuable data to home base!...
Win the House!
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Tim wants to go all-in with his vault earnings. Help him place his 32-chip wager!...
Dog Gone
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The hamster is looking a little chubby. Make him run!...
Cat-and-Mouse Truce
Created by wildgoosespeeder
It's time to stop! It's time to stop, OK? No more! The cat-and-mouse game is over. A truce has been declared. Feed the cat the food from his cat-o-matic and get Milton home....
Thirst Quencher
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Dozer is thirsty. Give him a drink of water. Also, to make sure Dozer has another drink ready when he wakes up, brew some tea....
Balloon Ball
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Through chance, the balloon could get stuck during the simulation. Just replay. It will likely autocorrect itself if you don't nudge parts. I believe the problem is laser timings aren't consistent across each time the simulation is started.

It's ...
Festive Launch
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Santa needs to be alerted it's almost Christmas with his toy rocket on his space station. Launch it off the top of the screen so he can see it!...
Forest Fire
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The red orb of the forest has come to help you in your hour of need. Send it out of the forest so it can continue to help you....
Fist Bump
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Bodacious! Get the iron ball off the bottom of the screen....
Wonder Struck
Created by wildgoosespeeder
The Wonderstruct factory is testing the set of chimes to see if they work. Ring the chimes....
Created by wildgoosespeeder
Things can be dangerous for a balloon. Help ol' blue get off the top of the screen unpopped....