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SurvivalPlus - Open Beta
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SurvivalPlus - Open Beta

"Time to bring survival back to ARK!"
SurvivalPlus is a DLC-sized mod trying to introduce more survival aspects to ARK.
If you like our work don't forget to rate and share our mod!

For a detailed introduction visit our about page:

The Basics:
Survival Plus aims to completely overhaul how ARK works, from your first minute to your last day.
  • Technology from the stone age to the late medieval times, but no high tech.
  • New and changed taming mechanisms, but large dinos are not tameable to keep a survival feeling. Wild dino nests!
  • Custom building system with a completely new look (Feel free to request new features or designs!)
  • Extended Survival Mechanisms: Sleep & Exhaustion, Extended Food & Cooking, Custom Poison Weapons & more.
  • Custom RP Cooking
  • Professions: Over 1000 items are craftable and split up between multiple professions.
  • Dynamically spawning new resources like tin, copper, limestone and coal.
  • Trading: Custom currency and comfortable offline trading with user interfaces.
  • Better farming with new crops, fertilizers and farming mechanics.
  • Extended crafting systems with more crafting stations, a new tool system and more.
  • A more balanced and less "grindy" experience on vanilla rates.
  • Upcoming: Carts for players and dinos ( )
  • Upcoming: Rebalanced Dinos and upgraded Dino AI (partially implemented already).
  • Upcoming: Extended tribe system with a criminal bounty system, territories and more.
  • Upcoming: Religion and "karma" for offline griefing.

Feedback, Balancing and new Features
We are always looking for feedback and ideas for new features!
One of our main concerns is the feeling of "grindyness", so if you find something that you think takes too long or is too annoying - please let us know!
We will do our best to replace this with a meaningful mechanic instead of just blind farming!
Our goal is to make x1 rates feel comfortable for community servers.


We recommend to host with []

Common Hosting Problems
Many hosting providers use ARK’s “Auto Update Mods” mechanic. Despite being developed by Studio Wildcard this feature is very unstable with mods over 300Mb.
If players on your server complain about inaccessible engrams, missing structures or items or similar problems download the mod files manually from here:
and upload them via FTP to your server to ensure a full install.

If you experience these problems regularly we recommend switching to a hosting provider that supports the use of SteamCMD or direct mod downloads.

Click the image above to get to the full FAQ section.

Why is this mod not a Total Conversion?
For a player this is basically a Total Conversion. The reason it is published as a mod is that this leads to much much faster loading times for players, as well as faster update times for us developers.

How can I get fiber?
We changed how getting fiber works, you now have an engram in your inventory, from the very beginning, that allows you to craft fiber from plant parts.
If the engram does not show up you are likely on an old savegame (consider making a new one!), if you die and respawn the issue should be fixed!

Mod XYZ is not working with this Mod, help!
This mod is basically a total conversion, so it is very hard to make other mods compatible. That said, we are working on a “compatibility program” that allows certain mods to be directly compatible with SurvivalPlus, including balanced crafting recipes. Our first candidate for this are Eco’s mods. In addition we are very open about “mod enabler” mods, that allow converting our resources into resources required for other mods. If you are a mod developer interested in making your mod work with SurvivalPlus please let us know!

Some engrams cannot be learned when playing on a server!
Please contact the server admin, they most likely installed the mod as Total Conversion by accident, or the mod did not fully download. We can help with any technical issues, please make sure the server admin contacts us!

This work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
If you have paid to use this mods or any parts of this mod, please demand a refund of your payment. The seller is in violation of the license under which this work was published. If you are a server owner and want to accept donations please remove this mod. There are no exceptions to this license.
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Tao  [author] 4 hours ago 
Im Moment kann man Mods nicht direkt übersetzen - allerdings erforschen ein paar Mod Autoren gerade wie man die Originalübersetzung des Spieles verändern kann um auch mods zu übersetzen. Es schon mehrere Interessenten aus der Community für uns zu übersetzen, sobald wir also wissen wie und ob es geht denke ich finden sich Leute ;)

Zur SP version - Ja. Schon jetzt haben wir einige Elemente eingebaut (konfigurierbare Professions, NPC trader) und wir wissen das es einige Leute im SP gibt, in der Zukunft wollen wir das mit Konfigurationen noch weiter ausbauen.
anghy 4 hours ago 
Wird es eine deutsche Übersetzung und eine Version fürs Single-Play geben ?

Sag bitte einfach ja oder nein, Tao, damit ich weiß, ob ich als Single Player mit mäßigen Englisch-Kenntnissen darauf hoffen darf, diese Mod (die zu den genialsten überhaupt gehört) zu spielen.
Dexrodar 6 hours ago 
@Tao: Ganz großes Dankeschön! Das nimmt uns einiges an Arbeit ab ^^
Tao  [author] 7 hours ago 
@Dexrodar: In diesem thread: gibt es eine beispiel config - die hat genau unsere default EP / level :)
Dexrodar 7 hours ago 
@Tao: Könntest du mir verraten, wie viele Emgrampunkte ein Spieler pro Level Up bekommt? Da wir auf dem Server nur 7 Leute sind und nicht immer jeder da ist, wollen wir etwas an der Engrampunkteverteilung ändern, damit Spieler auf Stufe 30 2 Berufe erlernen können.

Liebe Grüße,
die Dex
Alley_Killa  [author] 20 hours ago 
Well there is very little use for thatch beyond feeding your dino's and a few low level things like a thatch bed. Yes, there are many aspect that are more complicated vs vanilla, but all this is done in an effort to create a deeper playing enviroment, and not just rush through to level 30 and become invincible like in vanilla. If a parasaur attacked you that most likely means you where in it's territory (close to it's nest).
number6xenomorph Aug 16 @ 8:29am 
i find that it makes the game over complicated and really difficult at the starting levels, to many engrams to learn and not enough points, i was hitting a rock and parrasaurs's attacked me like why and is the haybundle only job to make plant parts into thatch if so its pretty much usless as you can just split all plant parts in your inventory
Tao  [author] Aug 16 @ 5:09am 
You get thatch by harvesting plant parts and waiting for them to spoil.
You can speed this up by building haybundles
number6xenomorph Aug 16 @ 1:17am 
so i decided to try it out but how to i get thatch cause im get bark insted of thatch and i cant build anything
Tao  [author] Aug 15 @ 10:55am 
@Dexrodar: Die Tintoberries sehe ich mir gleich mal an!
Die Phiomia sollten gehen, sie funktionieren im Dev Kit (Heist nicht viel) aber auch einige Spieler breeden alles mögliche. Leider ist die Anzeige verbuggt weil ARK die UI geupdated hat, gleichzeitig aber mod zugriff darauf entfernt hat (aus versehen, nehme ich an).

Sobald von ARKs seite da wieder alles geht werde ich mir das genauer ansehen (will nicht herumdoktoren wenn dann noch mal was geändert wird)