Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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A* High School --8x10
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A* High School --8x10

In 2 collections by Venth
A* Services / エイスター・サーヴィス
29 items
A* Schools / エイスター学校
4 items
A-star Services will help to make your city better!

Student capacity: 1,200
Upkeep: 680 / week
Cost: 28,800

Smaller size (12x13-->8x10)

Education accumulation: 200
Education radius: 4,000

Water: 30
Electricity: 75
Sewage: 30
Garbage: 18
Uneducated: 20
Educated: 40
Well Educated: 60
Highly Educated: 120

<<A* Services / エイスター・サーヴィス>>

A* Elementary School –5x4
A* Elementary School ii –4x4
A* High School –8x10
A* University –14x8

A* Medical Clinic –5x4
A* Hospital –10x8
A* Medical Heliport –12x8

A* Cemetery –10x8
A* Crematorium –2x3

A* Police Station –4x3
A* Police Station ii –4x3
12x8, A* Police Helicopter Depot
A* Prison –13x8

A* Fire House –4x3
A* Fire House ii –4x3
A* Fire Helicopter Depot –8x11

10x8, A* Disaster Response Unit
5x4, A* Disaster Response Team
A* Emergency Shelter –4x4
A* Emergency Shelter ii –4x6

A* Metro Station –2x2
A* Goods Station –16x6 (Cargo Train Station, or Freight Station)
A* Goods Station ii –16x6 (Cargo Train Station, or Freight Station)

13x8, A* Geothermal Heating Plant –13x8

A* Coal Power Plant –4x4
A* Solar Power Plant –8x8
A* Nuclear Power Plant –14x8
A* Wave Power Plant –9x4

A* Incineration Plant –4x4