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Buildings - Upgrade System
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Jul 16, 2012 @ 5:53pm
Jul 10, 2013 @ 6:12pm
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This mod add a new concept to the game: 'Upgrading Buildings'.

It allows a city to upgrade existing buildings, improving the base bonuses but increasing the maintenance.

  • Every 'base' building can be upgraded individually, in each city. You start an upgrade the same way that you build a building.

  • Of course, Upgrading a building requires having the base building in the city.

  • In general, the upgrade will improve the building fonctionality by 50% but will increase Gold cost of maintenance by 100% with few exceptions.

  • Upgrading too many building will cost you a lot of building maintenance so plan carefully and think before investing in upgrades.

  • You can sell an upgrade the same way you sell a building.

  • The upgrade system is properly 'Flavored' meaning that the AI will use the system properly and will incorporate them in their strategy like any vanilla building, depending on their flavor profile. It also mean that your Advisors will recommend them to you when they calculate that it worth the cost. (see screenshot)

  • For some buildings, visuals effect will be applied on a city when upgrading (see screenshot)

  • Works with all special building of any civilization , like the Egyptian Burial tomb could be upgraded just like any temple can be.

  • Civilopedia is fully fonctional and include upgrades (see screenshot)

  • Gold providing building cant be upgraded (for an obvious reason).
  • All building that require a special ressource or terrain werent included for balance reasons.
  • Some Modern/Atomic Age building weren't included for balance reasons.
    Additional informations:
    - As said earlier, invest in upgrades wisely and slowly as you can absorb more building maintenance cost.
    - The upgrade can be used in many strategic way, Upgrade that shrine at start for a faster religion, take the time to fully upgrade your granary and grow faster, or simply, in big cities when you have built everything and yet you are still rich.
    - You could also use them to continue upgrading your yields from building while not being forced to build other cities (for cultural victory purposes for example)
    - The mod support english and russian language (Thanks to THER for the russian translation)

  • Requires Gods and Kings Expansion
  • Compatible with Brave New World Expansion

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  • If you have troubles downloading the mod in game, it's a common cache issue, follow these steps to fix it:
    1) Unsubscribe The mod, exit steam and civ 5 completly
    2) empty your mod folder : C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME]\My documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS
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    4) Restart steam, subscribe, restart civ 5.
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Sep 27 @ 2:33am
add uppgread to some building
< >
BlouBlou  [author] Aug 23 @ 10:45am 
@Re della Strada

Im glad you like the idea :)

seeing you comment on 2 mods, it seems you just discovered this collection,

check all other mod in this collection and other collection, maybe something else will interest you too !

Good day!
Re della Strada Aug 23 @ 2:11am 
Really good idea. Why wasn't it in the game? Architecture and engineering improve, and so must buildings.
BlouBlou  [author] Aug 21 @ 5:34pm 

The rule is always the same, 50% benefits from original building and 100% increased maintenance cost.

The culture gain / maintenance cost curve for those buildings are determined by Fireaxis after a great deal of testing and balances, i only apply a formula.

As for alternate culture bonus, like great work,

1) the number of great work available in the game is also a balanced and sensible component of the game and i dont want to change the nature of the initial bonus.

2) This mod has to stay compatible with both G&K and BNW, and the great work part isnt available in G&K.

In any case, thx for your suggestion and comment! Im glad that, overall you like the mod.

Fenrisfil Aug 21 @ 3:47pm 
I like this mod. My only slight issue is that many of the culture building upgrades are basically the same gain (+1 culture) but for varying costs. I wondered if you've considered adding great work slots to some instead of the culture gain for extra variety? The later buildings could perhaps even gain tourism bonuses. I also wonder if Castles/Wall upgrades could be varied a bit more by giving one more of a health boost and the other more of a defence boost (so with both additions it would be the same, but if you only wanted to do one you have a choice rather than just going for the castle upgrade).
Brunch Wth Antonio Banderas Aug 17 @ 6:28pm 
Hey blou my 'steam' doesnt 'seem' to work 'for' this 'game'
Any place online where you would be able to share the wealth with a manual download?
BlouBlou  [author] Aug 16 @ 6:01pm 

im Glad you like it :)

thx for your comment! appreciated
aiDen Aug 14 @ 6:35am 
Really like this mod as I usually play only a few but very productive cities. Even if you're an expansionist it is still interesting because frontline cities need better walls while cities deep inside your borders may serve other purposes
BlouBlou  [author] Aug 9 @ 12:24pm 

My pleasure!
Magyk Aug 9 @ 11:47am 
I love the idea of being able to have say, a Watermill and being able to increase the production, and it's balanced here too! Thanks BlouBlou!
BlouBlou  [author] Aug 9 @ 4:42am 
@Traft Strider

You are wrong, this mod is still working perfectly. Test this mod alone in a fresh new game started properly from the mod menu and it will work.

If you have some trouble, go through the Troubleshooting section written in the mod description.

You can also verify the integrity of your steam files in your library and delete your old save game.