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Toxic Eyes: It adds 210 new eyes for males and females.
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Jul 16, 2012 @ 4:06pm
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This mod adds 210 new eye textures for selection during character creation.

It is called toxic eyes because of the crazy radioactive looking colors.

There are very few"normal"looking eyes selections in this mod, most are, well, different to put it mildly.

They are of a round pupil style, no slit eyes in this one.

The details are very visable, even on the solid glossed over dead looking ones, you can see shades and details.

I got the texture of the eye from family photos I dug up the other night, so they have a personal value to me.

The quality of this mod is much higher than the last two, and they can all be used together without any squigglydoodlewoogles ( incompatibilities).

Khajiits and Argonians eyes are not included. And they will not be. If you need to know why open up the Skyrim .esm in the Ck and take a look at the eye textures for beast races, and you will soon figure out why I refuse to make beast race eyes.

Races covered:


Variety? Yes that I can garauntee you. There is a lot going on in each eye texture, so there are no boring ones.

Males and Females? Yes, both genders each have the full 210 eyes.

Can this be uploaded to NEXUS, LOVERS, PLANETELDERSCROLLS, or any place else? Absolutely not. And you better not.

Detail? Yes, the normals and other detail enhancing texture are all custom and bring out the colors and detail really well.

Will there be more? Maybe, depends on current events.

Do they glow? ...well...yes and no...

Thank you:
Family photos I found
my digital camera

and you

For the pictures, I used my imperial "Marla". She uses UNP body, Fallout,Oblivion,Numenume, and or Apachii Hair styles. Just in case you are curious or want a similar looking character.
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funlar Oct 19 @ 7:25am 
this will help a lot with my "Alduin" person
funlar Oct 19 @ 7:24am 
Miss_Schauby Oct 12 @ 8:53am 
The only thing i dislike about this mod is that where the "White of the eye" should be, its always black, or a diffrent color. I just wished that there were a few that were white so it looked just alittle bit more human.
ca55afra55 Oct 2 @ 3:10pm 
I love this mod, the only thing I slightly dislike is the fact that the iris textures are mirrored and it doesn't look right. I still enjoy the pupil-less ones, though, makes my character look like a hardened zombie bandit. >:3
Mandogcat172 Aug 20 @ 7:11pm 
why is she nude bro?
jaderive Aug 1 @ 10:08pm 
erm all your images are side on, so lil hard to see the eyes properly
godsglorygirl Jul 29 @ 9:55pm 
Well, I don't use any of these races so make a beast race version. Do it >:(
Atlas Maltael Jul 16 @ 10:31am 
nice mod thx!
Винсент Закон Jun 23 @ 9:45pm 
Just a question, was wondering if this mod already does, or is going to have the ability to allow premade, or already generated npc's to have a chance to have eyes from your mod. I know of a couple other mods that add things to npc's within range, that would be a really weird way to go about it with body parts. But I was thinking perhaps at loadup, a pop up menu could come up with a slidable percentage bar of how many npc's will be regenerated with your mods eyes. even if it had a built in 18% of all npc's had a chance of having the eyes would be cool if the slider idea wouldn't work. Even without it though this is an awesome mod, the default eyes of skryim are cool, but your eyes are a lot closer to what I was hoping for when I was originally creating my dark elf, and my Orc. Thanks for putting in the hard work! :)
jacob.mccary Jun 11 @ 5:35am 
y u so racist?