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JoOs Knightly Armory
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Jul 16, 2012 @ 12:14pm
Jul 23, 2012 @ 5:27am
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This mod adds several knightly armors. They can be crafted (under steel!) (and upgraded) using a new type of ore, that can be purchased in riverwood (Search for "Ned" beside the smithy).
The stats of the armors are comparable to the ebony set.

There is NO separate version of female armors! This is mainly for male characters! (female characters look kind of weird in this armors) Further there are (and never will be) helmet meshes for the beast races. Im not playing beast race - so i will not mod them. Please dont ask for that.

I will update this mod in the future, but my time is rare and i wanted to share this with you

2 new armor variants (bare Paladin Plate armour, heavy knight's armor)
All armors are now upgradable
Vendor has much more ore to sell
minor fixes

several armor pieces
new paladin gauntlets
gnd models for all armors
Armors are craftable (cheat chest removed) and upgradable
New vendor and smelter added to riverwood
2 new armor variants added (baron and new Templar armor)
armors are no longer enchanted


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Thanks to Bethesda for creating skyrim and the Creation kit!
Thanks to cgtextures.com
"One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information"
Thanks to skyrimnexus
Thanks to all creators of blender
Thanks to all creators of niftools

Please contact me, if you want to use, or change any part of the mod but at least give me credit for the work. (Youre welcome to use it in your very own mod - but please contact me)

For all objects modified with base skyrim resources: all rights reserved to bethesda softworks
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jerryds Jul 11 @ 7:09am 
how do i make the folded knight's clothes....
Shrike Jul 9 @ 5:34am 
best armour mod set for skyrim 9/10
Zarcy_1 Jun 21 @ 10:47pm 
Er, nevermind about the folded cloth, (to others having trouble with it) go back a page before in the comments and the author tells how to get it! :D
Zarcy_1 Jun 21 @ 10:43pm 
I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but in the console command section there is a "a paladin's plate helmet (closed plume)" although it can not be crafted, is there reason for this item? it has the same armor value as the closed helmet, I think it would be wonderful if a opened plume was invented and also craftable. Also, other than using console commands, how does one get "knight's clothes folded (red-white)" I really really love this set of armor as a midgame set because the stats are just about perfect with weight and armor value, I think it would be even more amazing if you made a weapon set to go along with this and possibly a shield!
Dread May 22 @ 3:22pm 
@rc501st... Ofc not m8! You know that its on nexus too and many ppl go there to download. Im big fan of Gothic1-2 and this mod is 1 of the top Medieval mods! Im affraid though that author has left long ago...( As i said in Nexus i hope for someone to make an update or at least impove the textures even more. It's a shame that great mod not to get an update-es.
rc501st May 11 @ 2:00pm 
Am i the only one that notices the Gothic (game) desing?
+CDC+ Wolfe May 9 @ 5:35pm 
where do you get the chainmail
Friend May 6 @ 7:57pm 
were is the smithy
head2ashes Apr 30 @ 2:47pm 
guys read the ore is solled by ned in riverwood by the smithy
Darth Vader Apr 26 @ 4:54am 
were the hell do you find magic ore