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Stack XXL
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Dec 26, 2016 @ 4:45am
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Stack XXL

Stack XXL

Increase the stack sizes however you wish!
Want 10x, 20x or even 100x? Want to set different stack sizes for meat, meals and resources?
You came to the right place!

Requirement: HugsLib


- Set stack size multipliers. Want 10x or 100x? you name it!
- Set multiplier specified to each category. For example you can make meat stack to 750 (10x) while making meals stack to 300 (30x), maybe to balance thing out.

Github: https://github.com/IndeedPlusPlus/RimworldStackXXL

Default Settings: Set resources, textiles, drugs, meat, raw food to 10x.


Q1. Does it work with ... ?
A1. In theory there will not be any noticeable compatibility problem. Please let me know should there be any compatibility problem. I tested it with GouRIMet and Vegetable Garden.

Q2. I don't want to mess with settings.
A2. That's not a problem. This mod works out of the box. You can use default settings as mentioned above.

Q3. How about the load order?
A3. It does not matter, as far as I know.

Q4. Does it work with old saves?
A4. Yes

Q5. Can I replace Increased Stack, Improved Increased Stack, etc with it?
A5. Yes, as long as you set stack sizes no lower than before. Otherwise your stacks are truncated to their maximum size.

Q6. What will happen if I disable this mod?
A6. Your stacks are truncated to their original maximum sizes.
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Indeed  [author] May 23 @ 6:17am 
for A17 user, please download new version on GitHub. This mod will update as soon as A17 goes stable.
Elwin_Elf May 21 @ 8:29pm 
a17 upgrade, i can't find the mod settings.
Indeed  [author] Apr 26 @ 6:34am 
To all guys having trouble finding the settings:

On main screen click Settings, you should see a huge green button saying "Mod Settings", click it and you will see HugsLib Settings.

seriously I did not expect that it could be so hard to find. You guys will surely encounter trouble playing Zelda ( I am having quite some fun playing Zelda )
Arepok Apr 18 @ 1:16pm 
I'd recommend starting the stacks a bit lower and increase them to what you prefer. The settings carry through each game. so if you had larger stacks in one game then lowered them in another then went back you'll lose a bunch of stuff.

Otherwise mod works great, I love it and for sure recommend it. Only improvements would be to seperate the items more in the settings to have more control. Also another size would be nice or the ability to set each item stack sizes individually.

Anyhow great job this mod is a life saver for small bases or space saving needs.
Enz0Descendente Apr 10 @ 4:42pm 
How do I acces the stack settings config? ;-;
Griggers Apr 4 @ 7:54am 
Your suggestion does not help, I want to make smaller stacksizes for the medicine to keep small stacks all over the place.
If i were to use priorities it would just send all the medicine to the same stack with the highest priority.

I found a workaround by decreasing the stacksize of the medicine in the core folder, but I don't consider this to be the solution.
Faya AOP Apr 4 @ 5:04am 
@Griggers you can set how important any zone is, which might help you.
Griggers Apr 2 @ 10:25am 
Is it possible to split the resource setting? i like the modified stack size for the normal resources and manufactured goods however i would like to keep my medicine stacksize small so i can place medicine close to the hospital / prison / drug lab without having these 3 rooms right next to each other.
Tyrone Biggims Mar 23 @ 8:08am 
how i change it to an alreadty saved game
iFr34k Mar 18 @ 4:06pm 
somehow the medicine doesnt stack 4 me can someone help?