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Stack XXL
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Dec 26, 2016 @ 4:45am
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Stack XXL

Stack XXL

Increase the stack sizes however you wish!
Want 10x, 20x or even 100x? Want to set different stack sizes for meat, meals and resources?
You came to the right place!

Requirement: HugsLib


- Set stack size multipliers. Want 10x or 100x? you name it!
- Set multiplier specified to each category. For example you can make meat stack to 750 (10x) while making meals stack to 300 (30x), maybe to balance thing out.

Github: https://github.com/IndeedPlusPlus/RimworldStackXXL

Default Settings: Set resources, textiles, drugs, meat, raw food to 10x.


Q1. Does it work with ... ?
A1. In theory there will not be any noticeable compatibility problem. Please let me know should there be any compatibility problem. I tested it with GouRIMet and Vegetable Garden.

Q2. I don't want to mess with settings.
A2. That's not a problem. This mod works out of the box. You can use default settings as mentioned above.

Q3. How about the load order?
A3. It does not matter, as far as I know.

Q4. Does it work with old saves?
A4. Yes

Q5. Can I replace Increased Stack, Improved Increased Stack, etc with it?
A5. Yes, as long as you set stack sizes no lower than before. Otherwise your stacks are truncated to their maximum size.

Q6. What will happen if I disable this mod?
A6. Your stacks are truncated to their original maximum sizes.

Q7. How can I find the mod settings?
A7. On main screen, click Options, then you will find Mod Settings (provided by HugsLib mod). Click on it and you will find settings of all mods that depend on HugsLib.
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Wild Dog Sep 16 @ 10:17pm 
I tried leaving meals at the default, but they stack to 100 which is the 10x multiplier. Any idea why it might be doing that?
chris2323 Sep 16 @ 12:36pm 
Nevermind it now stacks them, even though i reverted all of the changes to when it did not.
chris2323 Sep 16 @ 11:05am 
Pemmican stack size cant be changed, I tried every setting.
Cheesecake.bsg Sep 14 @ 8:20pm 
Currency (silver and Imperial Credits with the Star Wars mod) are not stacking properly; each stack only has 1 silver or 1 credit, thus creating massive 1 material stacks around a dead body and not allowing me to store silver.
Connor Sep 13 @ 3:56am 
@Alcibiades 话说这个怎么修改堆叠数量啊?我重启过了,在游戏中我也没看见哪里有修改的啊?修改的界面在哪里?
bGiraffe Sep 11 @ 5:24am 
Oh i found out why, it is because Efficient Animal Feed:P

@Omega13 I ask this stupid question because i want the same feature like yours, actually i want to branch Indeed's work like what he done on sliver at last commit, however it is a bit lazy for me to setup a Windows C# environment on my Mac, therefore what i done is modify the Core items' XML to do that, it's work like i want to modify kibble to 200 as a stack, StackXXL will multiply it to 750 from 75 from the original, what you need yo do it search for the def of Kibble in the Core items' XML, and then add <stackLimit>20</stackLimit> to override it so made it become 200 after StackXXL, a bit silly but it's work anyway:)
bGiraffe Sep 11 @ 3:53am 
Hi all, did anyone has the problem like mine? My kibble stack is crazy 3750 per stack, i use the default setting and everything is 750 but kibble!
gorathtar Sep 4 @ 9:26pm 
this is a god send thank you so much
KemalKhan Sep 4 @ 3:40am 
won't let me stack Neurotrainers. :/
Alcibiades Aug 30 @ 5:47pm 
@卖女孩的小火柴 设置完以后要退出到桌面再重开游戏才有效