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Adding All The Games to Your Wishlist
By Curse Broken and 3 collaborators
This guide is going to show you how to add all games available on Steam to your wishlist. It is also showing a way of removing all of them.
Step 1
Make your profile private. This is required since otherwise everyone's activity feeds will get spammed. Go here to set your profile to private. You can undo it after you are done adding the games to your wishlist.

We are in no way responsible for it happening, but if your activity feed got spammed with people adding games to their wishlist, go to your activity feed settings and choose not to be notified about it.
Step 2
Open up the steam store page in your browser.
Step 3
Do right click > inspect element and go to the console > Paste the following code and hit enter. It will definitely take some time, just wait it out.

(function() { var wishlist = []; var wishlisted = []; jQuery.ajax({ type: 'GET', url: '//api.steampowered.com/ISteamApps/GetAppList/v2', dataType: 'jsonp', success: function(result){ jQuery.each(result['applist']['apps'], function(key, value){ wishlist.push(value['appid']); }) jQuery.ajax({ type: 'GET', url: 'http://store.steampowered.com/dynamicstore/userdata/', dataType: 'json', success: function(result) { jQuery.each(result['rgWishlist'], function (index, value) { wishlisted.push(value); }); var Index; for (var i=0; i<wishlisted.length; i++) { Index = wishlist.indexOf(wishlisted);
if (Index > -1) {
wishlist.splice(Index, 1);

var i = 0,
loaded = 0,
total = wishlist.length,
modal = ShowBlockingWaitDialog( 'Executing...',
'Please wait until all requests finish. Ignore all the errors, let it finish.' );

var ExecuteRequest = function( )
type: 'POST',
dataType: 'text',
url: '//store.steampowered.com/api/addtowishlist',
appid: wishlist[ i ],
sessionid: g_sessionID,
).always( function( )


if( loaded >= total )
ShowAlertDialog( 'All done!', 'Enjoy.' );
modal = ShowBlockingWaitDialog( 'Executing...',
'Loaded ' + loaded + '/' + total + '. Ignore all the errors, let it finish.' );



setTimeout( ExecuteRequest, 1500 );
error : function(httpReq,status,exception){
ShowAlertDialog( status, 'Uh Oh!' );
error : function(httpReq,status,exception){
ShowAlertDialog( status, 'Uh Oh!' );
jsonp: 'jsonp'
Removing all the games from your wishlist
If you for some reason, want all the games removed from your wishlist, follow all the steps above, but copy paste this code[pastebin.com] instead.
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[O.M.A] Kaluguin Jan 12 @ 7:06pm 
The code to remove all the games from the wishlist doesn't work.
𝓥𝓔𝓝𝜦 Jan 5 @ 1:44pm 
You should be able to add all items to the cart instead of your wishlist if you replace the //store.steampowered.com/api/addtowishlist with //store.steampowered.com/api/addtocart
Haven't tried it yet though, I don't want to mess up my cart. If you're rich you can buy all items :P
Tommy :D Jan 1 @ 4:19pm 
nice... but why?
zNeox Dec 28, 2016 @ 9:28am 
🌊WAVY🌊 Dec 23, 2016 @ 11:53pm 
the funny thing is that the wishlist doesnt even load at when too many games are in it just displays a white page and the post says 500 Server ERROR i think its because apache or mysql timeouts!
Natsu no shi no chitsu Dec 22, 2016 @ 4:05pm 
interesting part i only have 1050 wishlist items most are demos and trailers. XD
SirKarp Dec 22, 2016 @ 12:48pm 
buy why
󠀠 Dec 22, 2016 @ 10:54am 
lol do you know how long it takes the wishlist to load with that many tiitles in it?
I've done it before and its not good.
It was a pain in the ass to remove them all 1 by 1. I hope that your reverse script code works.
Savage Warrior Dec 22, 2016 @ 10:41am 
core<3 Dec 22, 2016 @ 10:37am 
rip steam store is down :D:D