WvW Underground Dungeon Run Through - Guild Wars 2
"All music here belong to their respectful owners. No copyright infringement intended.
All rights reserved to ArenaNet and NCsoft. Musics composed by Jeremy Soule.

This video was made for fun and sharing this gorgeous game with everyone else.

Dungeon entrance located at each one of the three keeps in Eternal Battlegrounds (WvWvW area). No level required to enter, no mobs to fight, just pure pvp, race to the finish and avoid the traps action.
This is why I love ArenaNet and all the work and love they have put into this game.

Loot from the final chest was 16 badges, 3 blueprints and 3 pieces of blue gear.

Footage from Beta Weekend Event 2, from January 8th to January 10th.

Enjoy and please like this video =3"