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Dec 20, 2016 @ 11:01am
Jan 7 @ 3:27pm
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Development progress & Public playtests
  • Casual Connect '17 Berlin starting tomorrow (7th - 9th of February)
  • White Nights '17 Prague next week (13th - 14th of February)

If you participate on Casual connect, feel free to stop by booth 1089 and play the build. Or you can join me on White Nights Prague as well. Thanks in advance for all of your opinions, critics and ideas!

Speaking about the build, here is the list of recently finished features:

Mashinky localized to 20 languages
Release date: Early Access: End of Q1 2017
Mashinky is a tycoon strategy game with trains.

Mashinky puts a new twist on top of rock-solid 'Train Tycoon' gaming.

Build and manage your own transport empire in a procedural-generation worlds, offering endless possibilities in a sandbox-style gameplay. The right strategy will always be a different one!

Uniquely combining realistic graphics with old-school construction mode with rules inspired by board games, Mashinky combines the best of both worlds: eye-candy of 3D visuals and addictiveness of isometric gameplay, adding its own unique vibe in the process.

Inspired by classic games from the 90s especially by Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon and Sid Maier's Railroad Tycoon 2. It takes it to the next level with features such as multiplayer and endless modding possibilities, the result is a deep and challenging game made by a fan, for fans, that will make every train sim enthusiast come back for more.

  • Procedurally generated fully editable sandbox maps with planty of bussiness opportunities
  • 7 historical eras from steam age to modern maglev trains
  • Unique combination of schematic construction view, fully 3D world and driver cabin view where you can drive your trains
  • Upgrades or customizations for everything including stations, industry buildings, depots and trains (by special bonus wagons).
  • At least 16 different cargo types, 28 engines and over 40 different wagons
  • Challenging puzzle-like track laying possible to do flyover crossing, semaphore driven optimized railroad nodes.
  • Sandbox variable quests and subsidies, scripted events.
  • Board game inspired rules, simple to learn and understand but complex with many possibilities
  • Multiplayer for up to 8 players on the map.
  • Massive mod support
  • Smooth 4 seasons transition
  • Original Soul-Jazz soundtrack created by session musician Slikk Tim
  • More to come

This game is developed for more than 7 years by a single man who loves old tycoon games. It is build on very own engine writen in C++ with DirectX which is specifically designed for this type of game.

I have learned a lot while participating in the development of Mafia II, Mafia III and DayZ. Mashinky was always my side project where I used freely all my creativity and passion for game development.

Mashinky game is currently in prealpha stage where first two eras are being polished.
At the end of Q1 2017, there will be Early Access version available with regular updates including new content and polishing.

  • 11/2016 - First gameplay test ended I would never dream of and Mashinky won 1st prize of indie expo GDS conference'16
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jan.zeleny  [author] Feb 15 @ 5:36am 
per2 - thanks for sharing this :) you are quicker than me :))
per2 Feb 13 @ 2:56am 
StormBrE Feb 4 @ 11:58am 
Кто в курсе, какие новости по проекту? Когда уже будим гонять поравозы, прокладывать рельсы.
[WaW]Neighbor Kid Feb 4 @ 9:39am 
Any new videos or screens to show off wih your latest update?
Shmylke(ru) Feb 4 @ 3:18am 
Понравилось, жду игрушку.
Erika * 달팽이 Feb 1 @ 5:27am 
Vyzerá to super, celkom sa teším na túto hru až bude hotová... Veľmi pekná práca, môj priateľ sa zblázni od radosti, ak mu to kúpim :) (posadnutý vlakmi, ten môj automatizér :D)
sinner4 Jan 24 @ 10:40am 
Ян, когда ранний доступ?)) очень жду))
prisoner417[70] Jan 24 @ 6:42am 
Ahoj! This looks like OpenTTD in 3D. I'll buy it!
quadclub Jan 22 @ 1:26pm 
выглядит Поездато!!!
Morthoven Jan 20 @ 4:10am 
Looks terrific. For me definately a must have! Great idea the combination of 3D and isometric view.