Valhellio - Story Mode: Stage 1 (Aono Oto / Normal)
"First stage of Aono Oto's story on Valhellio, played on Normal difficulty.

We are assisting to a rare phenomenon! For the second time in my life, this playthrough is somewhat of a request that I took upon myself.

I don't have anything to say in regards to this video since it is mainly aimed at showing the story in Valhellio (my old videos were done in Arcade Mode) and well.. I can't read Japanese. I can understand a couple of words here and there, thanks to the many anime I watch. Long before reaching the ending, I also started recognizing the name of the characters in the text as well.

By all means, don't try to judge the gameplay, I died in ridiculous situations and since the game is rather lengthy once you add the Story, I really didn't feel like doing it over again. That being said, I did score better than my previous run I believe.

Since I don't understand Japanese, there may be instances where I cut the voice over before the sentence was actually finished. I tried to wait a little bit at the end of every sentence in order to avoid cutting parts of the VA, but mistakes can happen."