Valhellio - Story Mode: Stage 1 (Iris Hartley / Normal)
"Stage 1 of Iris Hartley's story on Valhellio, played on Normal difficulty.

Welp, this will conclude my story playthrough of Valhellio, which means I can now move on to other games (although I did tell someone I'd take on their challenge for Youyou Kengeki Musou). That being said, I had forgotten how much of a pain the fourth and fifth stage of Iris' run are. Oh well, at least her story seems to be a lot different from Aono's and Lukia's.

Since I don't understand Japanese, there may be instances where I cut the voice over before the sentence was actually finished. I tried to wait a little bit at the end of every sentence in order to avoid cutting parts of the VA, but mistakes can happen."