Bastion Who knows where 2 (10 idols)
"This one is a bit tougher. Mainly because the little birds peck you and slow you down while the other ones dash through you and you cant really block them. You'll mainly want to be using the rifle and when you get attacked by the little birds give them a quick burst with the bellows, it'll slow them down and cause them to take burn damage. Also when the shard crystal drops give it a puff with the bellows and finish it off with the rifle for extra hp. Also I messed up versus the stink eyes, don't get yourself in a corner like that, circle the map and get them grouped up so some wont blow up on you while you try to take others out.

Fire Bellows:
Volatile Fuel (flames spread wider)
Napalm Reservoir (flames cause lasting burn)
Modified Intake (flames cripple foes)
Shielded Grip (damage resistance when firing)
Streamlined Furnace (move faster while attacking)

Army Carbine:
Speed Tuning (+30% speed while aiming)
Marksman Barrel (+50% aim speed)
Insulated Chamber (+35% faster reload)
Reflex Scope (+50% aim speed)
Razor Rounds (bullets Ignore armor)

Special: Ring of fire (use when surrounded by peckers if you need help like I did)

Bastion Bourbon (+2 health tonics)
Bull Brandy (+15% damage reduction)
Cham-Pain (+25% damage)
Doomshine (+10% crit chance)
Dreadrum (+10% crit chance on full health
Leechade (life steal)
Lifewine (survive killing hits)
Graver Gimlet (+5% chance to do double damage)
Hearty Punch (+1 chance to carry on)
Squirt Cider (+10 max health)"