Bastion Who knows where 3 (10 idols)
"This one is very tricky. Take out the chickens with motors while constantly circling the map. When you're versus turrets you can take them out with one blast of the motor and a rifle shot before they can charge up. Kill the chickens last as most other enemies aren't as easy to dodge. However, kill the chickens first when you're versus the things that spawn the stink eyes as they are annoying. The other difficult parts are the level right after the armored frog with the glowing spearman. You -must- take out the gunmen first even if it means taking a few hits. You can do this with like 3 rifle shots or a motor and a rifle, this will hopefully leave you one on one with the spearman. This also goes for the last level, you must kill everything else before the spearman or you'll probably get your♥♥♥♥♥kicked. If you need help the turret special will take some fire for you while you shoot motors at them. If you need health after rounds hit the shard sphere with a power shot for a big of extra hp.

Army Carbine:
Speed Tuning (+30% speed while aiming)
Marksman Barrel (+50% aim speed)
Insulated Chamber (+35% faster reload)
Reflex Scope (+50% aim speed)
Razor Rounds (bullets Ignore armor)

Galleon Mortar:
Burstone Bombs (+25% blast radius)
Blast System (+15% crit chance)
Sharpnel Charges (+25% blast radius)
Dampened Tubing (+15% crit chance)
Stonewall Propellent (immunity to bomb damage)
(total of 50% crit chance for each individual target hit when coupled with alcohol)

Special: Turret Surprise - if you couldn't kill the other guys before the glowing spearman fire one of these and you'll have about 5 seconds to take them out.

Bastion Bourbon (+2 health tonics)
Bull Brandy (+15% damage reduction)
Cham-Pain (+25% damage)
Doomshine (+10% crit chance)
Dreadrum (+10% crit chance on full health
Leechade (life steal)
Lifewine (survive killing hits)
Graver Gimlet (+5% chance to do double damage)
Hearty Punch (+1 chance to carry on)
Squirt Cider (+10 max health)"