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Wikinger: European Theater of War - Essential & Recommended Files
Here are the essential files you need to play Wikinger: European Theater of War.

Wikinger Mod & Win Condition Pack
Since version 3.0, Wikinger needs the Wikinger Win Condition Pack to work with all the custom UI elements.

Decal Remover
Optional but it removes the non historical team stripes across the vehicles.

Skin Packs
Our collection of skin packs that provide an extra layer of historical accuracy to the game.
British and Soviet Skin packs coming soon!

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Items (9)
Wikinger: European Theater of War v3.1.7


Wikinger is a realistic modification of Company of Heroes 2. Our focus is on realism while maintaining game...
Wikinger: Win Condition Pack v3.1.7

Wikinger Win Condition Pack was developed to works only with Wikinger: European Theater of war. We strongly r...
Wikinger Skin Pack OKW 1.5
Created by Starbuck2

This pack is designed to work only with "Wikinger Tuning Pack Mod". Works for Winter and Summer maps and includes skins for the following units:

. Kurt Knispel's King Tiger
. Tiger 1 from s.SS-Pz.Abt.103
. ...
Wikinger Skin Pack Wehrmacht 1.5
Wikinger Skin Pack Wehrmacht 1.5. This skin pack contains skins for Otto Carius' Jagdtiger, a Jagdpanzer IV, Panther Command Tank, Panzer IV, Sdkfz 251/17 Flak Halftrack, Sdkfz 251/8 ambulance and Michael Wittmann's Tiger Ace. Created by Starbuck....
Wikinger Skins US 1.9
Created by Starbuck2

This pack is designed to work only with "Wikinger Tuning Pack Mod". Works for Winter and Summer maps and includes skins for the following units:

. M4A3 "Easy Eight" Commanded by Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams
. M...
Wikinger: EToW Decal Remover
Created by mongalong247
The Official Wikinger: European Theater of War Decal Remover.

What is Wikinger? It's a CoH2 mod that is working towards historical accuracy, agressive combat and overall a fun gameplay experience. We have a cracking team of coders, researchers, ...
Assorted British Armored Divisions
Created by Starbuck
This skin pack contains vehicles represented from the 11th and 7th armored divisions, 3rd infantry division, and the 8th army corps. Most of the skins in this pack are historical with a few in which I used a bit of creative license. :)

With additions of...
Red Army Camouflages
Created by Starbuck
The Red Army used various types of paints and shades of green on their tanks. Rarely, in the summer, a two color scheme was painted green and dark earth. Even more scarce was a three color scheme of green, dark earth and yellow or red. This skin pack con...
Red Army Winter Whitewash
Created by Starbuck
A chalk mixture was used to paint a white wash over the standard green paint. This historical skin pack displays vehicles that have survived through the harsh winter and are showing signs of the white wash wearing away. More skins for this skinpack will ...
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Scaryspikes Feb 21 @ 5:58pm 
That's understandable. Thanks very much :-D
mongalong247  [author] Feb 21 @ 5:38pm 
We aim to respond to people as quick as possible, in terms of implementing a cheat commands mode - it's a lot of coding to do and it's not something we have the time for in all honesty, we have a very simple mode for testing that we have a resources boost mode, if you want to get stuff built faster then try the double resources mode that we have. That way you'll have less time to wait to get the resources for everything you need.

In regards to getting better, the best way to improve is with other people, either in PvP or PvE.

Anything you need, don't hesitate to ask :)
Scaryspikes Feb 21 @ 5:10pm 
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I recently updated the mod and I am having a better experience. Nice to know you're working on a different mode, and I've been really impressed with the response in general from the devs, it's really nice to see in a mod. Would it be possible to add Cheat Command II style ui for those who want to learn the mod or set up specific scenarios to practice with? Just some ideas. I'll hang in there, man the fuck up and try to get better :-D Please keep up the great work.
mongalong247  [author] Feb 21 @ 1:44am 
We’re working on a mode where there is no (or far less) off map abilities for the AI for players like you who don’t want to have a brutal murdering every game.

Thanks for reaching out, but please hang in there and we will have something for you soon :)

Feel free to get involved with the community on discord
Scaryspikes Feb 20 @ 10:28pm 
Hi there. One thing I wanted to mention is that even on Standard, the enemy is incredibly hard. Especially playing against Soviets, I get bombed to kingdom come in the first few minutes of the game. They have this strafing thing where a few planes fly over and decimate all my defenses... then I simply lose :-( I don't know if I am doing it wrong but it seems like it's a bit easy for the AI to take advantage of this. I'm the kind of player who likes to turtle at first and take my time setting clever defenses before goingo n an all out assault. That being said, being ass rushed by the Soviets like this makes the game unplayable for me, since they basically bomb the piss out of everything I've built, and then I am left with nothing to defend myself with. :-/ I really do enjoy the mod and I can see how much work has been put into it. However, I am thinking of quitting the game alltogether because of this one thing. Any suggestions?
mongalong247  [author] Feb 5 @ 4:42pm 
Hi AngryJules - if you're seeing the tech trees then everything is set okay, we made a small error with that warning text - forgetting it would still show up after the doctrine was selected, we will amend it in the next patch.

If you're unable to see the tech trees can you send us some screenshots so we can verify that you do have the correct files/settings. Join us on discord (link above) and ask the mod developers there :)
AngryJules Feb 5 @ 4:02pm 
Hey guys, nice mod u have going ehre but i have one problem. i subscribed to all your mod's but ingame it still tells me the victory conditons pack is missing (core functions etc) even though i activated it in the options. Any help regarding that problem?i made sure in the options that that the victory conditions is set to Wikinger WCP: Annihilation, it makes it not possible for me to call in the jagdtiger for example.

thx and greetings
mongalong247  [author] Feb 3 @ 11:03am 
Hi Von, those are doctrines that are yet to be developed out from 7 to 16 abilities. We’re about to complete the last US doctrine and then move onto the British faction next :)
Von Feb 2 @ 9:32pm 
Hey guys, I have everything installed but it still says classified in some skill trees?
BastiRekt Jan 14 @ 11:24am 
mongalong247 thanks for your comment but i already fixed it. i reeinstalled it and it worked. Awsome mod! Really enjoy it