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Wikinger: European Theater of War - Essential & Recommended Files
Here are the essential files you need to play Wikinger: European Theater of War.

Wikinger Mod & Win Condition Pack
Since version 3.0, Wikinger needs the Wikinger Win Condition Pack to work with all the custom UI elements.

Decal Remover
Optional but it removes the non historical team stripes across the vehicles.

Skin Packs
Our collection of skin packs that provide an extra layer of historical accuracy to the game.

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Wikinger: European Theater of War v3.1.5 c

Wikinger is a realistic modification of Company of Heroes 2. Our focus is on realism while maintaining game balance. Our goal is to have a game for players ...
Wikinger: Win Condition Pack v3.1.5c

Wikinger Win Condition Pack was developed to works only with Wikinger: European Theater of war. We strongly recomend to not use it with other mods.

Wikinger Skin Pack OKW 1.1
Created by Starbuck2

This pack is designed to work only with "Wikinger Tuning Pack Mod". Works for Winter and Summer maps and includes skins for the following units:

. Kurt Knispel's King Tiger
. Tiger 1 from s.SS-Pz.Abt.103
. ...
Wikinger Skin Pack Wehrmacht 1.5
Wikinger Skin Pack Wehrmacht 1.5. This skin pack contains skins for Otto Carius' Jagdtiger, a Jagdpanzer IV, Panther Command Tank, Panzer IV, Sdkfz 251/17 Flak Halftrack, Sdkfz 251/8 ambulance and Michael Wittmann's Tiger Ace. Created by Starbuck....
Wikinger Skin Pack US 1.6
Created by Starbuck2

This pack is designed to work only with "Wikinger Tuning Pack Mod". Works for Winter and Summer maps and includes skins for the following units:

. M4A3 "Easy Eight" Commanded by Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams
. M...
Wikinger: EToW Decal Remover
Created by mongalong247
The Official Wikinger: European Theater of War Decal Remover.

What is Wikinger? It's a CoH2 mod that is working towards historical accuracy, agressive combat and overall a fun gameplay experience. We have a cracking team of coders, researchers, ...
Assorted British Armored Divisions
Created by Starbuck
This skin pack contains vehicles represented from the 11th and 7th armored divisions, 3rd infantry division, and the 8th army corps. Most of the skins in this pack are historical with a few in which I used a bit of creative license. :)

With additions of...
Red Army Camouflages
Created by Starbuck
The Red Army used various types of paints and shades of green on their tanks. Rarely, in the summer, a two color scheme was painted green and dark earth. Even more scarce was a three color scheme of green, dark earth and yellow or red. This skin pack con...
Red Army Winter Whitewash
Created by Starbuck
A chalk mixture was used to paint a white wash over the standard green paint. This historical skin pack displays vehicles that have survived through the harsh winter and are showing signs of the white wash wearing away. More skins for this skinpack will ...
Wehrmacht Striped Woodland Camouflage
Created by Starbuck
Sand, green, and brown striped camouflage designed to aid in the concealment of vehicles in forrests and other wooded surroundings. Created by Starbuck.

*UPDATE 5/16/16* Fixed missing skins....again.

*UPDATE 3/30/16* Sherman VC Beutepanzer added for ...
Assorted German Camouflages (OKW/Wehrmacht)
Created by Starbuck
*UPDATE 5/30/16* All light vehicles added along with new skins for Tiger, Stug III, Jagdtiger, and Kingtiger armor skirts added back on.
*UPDATE 3/30/16* Sherman VC Firefly Beutepanzer(captured tank) added for Wikinger mod. (see below)
*UPDATE 12/15/15* ...
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mongalong247  [author] Jul 4 @ 5:59pm 
Hi Fire_Zealot thanks so much for the kind words! I've sent you an invite to the Wikinger steam group!
Fire_Zealot Jul 4 @ 5:24pm 
Amazing mod, thank you for all that you do
cejaleitor May 17 @ 12:22pm 
Hooo excelente my friend thanks a lot !!!!!!!!
cejaleitor May 17 @ 12:22pm 
also the skins for the OBW says the same it download, but when it reaches de 100% says Error 37
mongalong247  [author] May 17 @ 12:21pm 
We came across this earlier, it's not a Wikinger issue as it affects a number of workshop items. I'll see if I can find out what the appropriate fix is from one of our users who had the same issue - literally resolved yesterday :)
cejaleitor May 17 @ 12:16pm 
yes i chek and it says Error 37 downloading any ideas
mongalong247  [author] May 17 @ 11:50am 
Very strange! Can you have a look on the modding hub in game and see if it shows up there? Worst case we have other ways to download it:)
cejaleitor May 17 @ 11:48am 
hello for some reason i can see the winning condition when i make a new game, it appears juts some BDKMOD with many things but now i cant find the wikinger winning condition, i just reisntall the game and i lost it, i just unsuscribbed and re suscribbed like 3 times, but still cant find it.
Otto Carius 150 + Mar 7 @ 7:54am 
any ideas about making US halftrack howitzers, just a thought
Herr_General Feb 25 @ 8:54pm 
Well done dude!