The Craft of War: BLIND (Epic Soundtrack Remix)
"Note: I did not make this video. Original Video is by Percula

This is a sound remix of the original video by Percula.
Honestly i felt that the soundtrack by Namie Amuro in the original video did not
quite fit in the subject matter of the machinima which i consider as top notch quality.

Thus, i took it upon myself to change the soundtrack to something more Epic sounding,
and hopefully it will showcase the machinima in a different perspective.

Music used (In order of appearance)

1) Requiem for a Dream
2) Two Steps From Hell - Flameheart
3) Two Steps From Hell - Sons of War

Its a very rough conversion, i simply removed the original music / sound effects completely from the
original and replaced directly and thus the action sometimes may not fit in to the music tempo.

All Credits to Percula for creating the original Machinima, Blizzard for World of Warcraft
and apologies to Namie Amuro. :D

Thanks for viewing. Comments are appreciated."