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[FSF] Buildable Terrain A16
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Dec 12, 2016 @ 4:03pm
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[FSF] Buildable Terrain A16

This is a simple mod that allows various terrain types to be built as floors. Ever wanted to have soil for planting inside your mountain base? Maybe some marshy water to slow raiders at a choke point? Or maybe just a moat of Deep Water so nobody can bother you. All of this is buildable with this mod.

The floors don't require any research and are free to build however they take twice as long as sterile tiles to build. If you place one type of floor you can build over it with another. Below is a list of the buildable terrain types.

Marshy Soil
Lichen-covered Dirt
Rich Soil
Shallow Water
Deep Water


This mod seems to work fine with existing saves. However removing the mod causes all floors built with this mod to turn into sand. So it shouldn't have any issues with saves but I would suggest taking the usual caution of backing up your saves.
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FrozenSnowFox  [author] Mar 25 @ 1:58pm 
@faisicshanosang Only mud created by this mod, vanilla mud you'll need a moisture pump.
faisicshanosang Mar 25 @ 9:38am 
Can i get rid of the mud with this mod
Baythan Feb 26 @ 12:53am 
@FrozenSnowFox I did some digging as well and couldn't find any reference to the stone ground either. I suspect it's hidden deeper in the game code.
Thanks for trying though.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Feb 25 @ 6:04pm 
@Baythan Now I remember why there is no stone floors, I couldn't find them listed in any of the files I checked so I never added them. I looked again and unfortunately I still can't find them, so I won't be able to add them. This mod is largely a copy and paste job with a few tweaks on the properties.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Feb 25 @ 5:32pm 
@Arvyn It uses custom terrain ID's so it will be incompatible with the fishing mod. You would need to change the ID's to match the default games. As for changing water into dry land that will only work with terrain added by this mod. Otherwise you'll have to remove it with a moisture pump first.
Arvyn Feb 25 @ 5:30pm 
Hey I have two questions. I have a mod that let's you use Fishing Peirs, but when I rebuild A Tile it doesn't let me build the fishing peir on it for some reason. This is probably just a incompatibility issue, which is fine I just wanted to ask.

2nd I can't seem to change water into dry land with this mod. Is it something I'm doing? or is it just how it's designed.
Baythan Feb 20 @ 6:47pm 
If you have the time, that would be awesome. No rush, we all have lives we have to attend to.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Feb 20 @ 6:33pm 
@Baythan Its something I overlooked when I made the mod. I'd have to see about adding it when I have time.
Baythan Feb 20 @ 6:29pm 
Any particular reason that stone(smooth or natural that can be smoothed) is not an option for this mod? I know it's a personal use mod and all, but I'm just curious because stone is the one kind of floor I'd really like to be able to make.

An easy way to make a floor that is impassible by enemies is at LEAST as cheesy as making a floor that has faster walking speed and a better beauty level.
SirSnipesALot Feb 8 @ 3:40pm 
I switched the order and it fixed it, thanks!