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"Goldbrand was supposedly wielded by Emperor Titus Mede II in the Battle of the Red Ring of 4E 175 against the Aldmeri Dominion, although this has never been officially confirmed by the Imperial government." - Legate Justainis Quintius
(I'm unofficially confirming it, thanks.)

Adds Goldbrand, the legendary artifact of Boethiah, to Emperor Titus Mede II's cabin aboard the Katariah. Goldbrand has the appearance of a golden Akaviri katana, enchanted with the following effect:

"Burns the target for [30] points. Critical hits cause targets to burn from the inside out. Targets on fire take extra damage. "

Goldbrand can be improved at a grindstone with Arcane Blacksmith and a gold ingot.

**Revision 2**
If you'd prefer an unenchanted version, equip Goldbrand and bring it to the Skyforge with 11171 gold.

*I'm fully aware that I'm not the first person to make a Goldbrand mod, and I'm sure I won't be the last either. I just really really like texturing things.
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whats the console command to get Goldbrand?
saharat Apr 21 @ 6:42am 
@BrickermanPalooza aaaaaaaah! So Bob is not a good person?
NOBODY LOVES YOU Apr 9 @ 6:37pm 
@ people who made "bob" I really hope you guys realize that skyrim was not made by valve.
zzackmann Mar 11 @ 3:23am 
@justin console
Justin The Wolf Feb 4 @ 9:45am 
can you get goldbrand even though you dont do the dark brotherhood quest
BrickermanPalooza Jan 25 @ 6:50am 
Yea lol sorry I kinda raged. Spam has no place here especially in the comment section of a mod this amazing. Very well done btw, highly reccomend. +1
(^-.-)>  [author] Jan 25 @ 6:13am 
I would have just mentioned that valve has nothing to do with skyrim content, but that works too.
BrickermanPalooza Jan 24 @ 3:46pm 
What is this Bob protest even protesting? Abortion? Gay marriage? Weed? Talos? I doubt anyone (especially not a massive company like Valve) will care what a spam comment has to say. And even if they did, you mindless "revisionists" and "revolutionaries" aren't going to change much unless you specify what you actually want change. So how about you jump of the bandwagon, and stop flooding the comment section with your dead brain cells. Thank you.
saharat Jan 11 @ 12:25pm 
What does this thing mean?
saharat Jan 11 @ 12:24pm 
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