The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Dwarven Master Sword
"Dwarven Master Swords

This is the Dwarven Master Sword! Only made for the true Masters though don't worry we also included a Worker Sword for the non Masters among you!
Its forged off the finest Dwarven Steel available in the whole empire of Tamriel! So you're sure you're going to get the nothing than the best here!

The Dwarven Master Sword is the biggest sword in the excistance of the Dwarven Race many have tried to replicate it but just could not get it correct on that huge scale!
Therefor the Workers made a smaller size replica of this Master Sword so they could rise up and fight like any dwarf would!

Provided by Rafaël De Jongh and Corvalho for the Gamebanana Skyrim Contest:

This Releases Provide:

- Brand New Model and Texture's
- One Handed "Worker Sword" A Smaller Sized sword compared to the Master Sword this is for the Dwarven Workers.
- Two Handed "Master Sword" A Very Big Sword only wielded by true Masters!
- Add's does not replace!


Steam Workshop Release:
GameBanana Release:
Nexus Release:


Rafaël De Jongh - Texturing, Compiling, Rendering
Corvalho - Modeling, Uv-Mapping, Baking, Texturing

Special Thanks:
Syncing - General Help with Creation Kit
ProgSys - Texture Help


For Default use Copy and Paste the "Data" Folder to your "X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\"

You've got also an extra to choose between:
- HQ Texture's: Provides full quality Texture's at 2048x2048
- Replace Model: Will replace the ordinary Dwarven Sword and Master Sword to the new Models and Texture's"