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Convert and upload your existing repaint to Steam Workshop
By SocialOfficer
Starting with Update 1.7 we published Steam Workshop repaint opportunites to Fernbus Simulator. This guide explains the process of converting an existing repaint to a Workshop repaint.

We won't cover how to create a fresh new repaint compatible with Steam Workshop. Again, just how to convert an existing repaint. Please review this guide if you're starting from scratch without an existing repaint and come back again here.
First things first
Before we start, make sure you actually got a repaint ready for conversion. I already published a guide on how to create repaints for Fernbus Simulator which is available right here:


Follow all steps except the last one. Publishing via ZIP archives is obsolete and shouldn't be used anymore since it was replaced by Steam Workshop.

What's all about Steam Workshop at all?
  • Steam Workshop is a platform for modders and players who are able to upload and install mods for games without installing and updating them manually.

  • Yeah, you don't need to unzip and move crappy archives anymore. Steam Workshop automatically installs modifications and keeps them recent.

  • Each Workshop item got a custom page. Creators are able to provide screenshots, videos, description, other contributors, etc.

  • Other players are able to comment and provide feedback on Workshop items.

Sounds good so far? Well, then let's jump straight into conversion.
Conversion methods
We offer two different conversion methods. After creating your repaint from step one, we should convert it to a Workshop project in order to access it from the mods menu in FBS and upload it ingame.

Those two different methods are:
  • Automatic conversion by FBS Workshop Converter:
    I developed a custom application which converts obsolete projects to Workshop projects with just a few clicks. This one offers the fastest and efficent way to convert repaints.

  • Convert repaints manually:
    In case you're too scared to download third party applications we got you covered: I'm going to explain the manual steps, but don't be surprised. It's a bit tricky and requires more effort than the first method.
Method #1: Automatic conversion - Using FBS Repaint Converter
I developed a custom tool for converting repaints which is completely open source available on GitHub.[github.com] If you're a coding nerd like myself and aware of .NET, C#, XAML, MVVM, you're in a pretty good spot. Feel free to contribute to the project.

This tool is pretty straight forward. Grab yourself a recent version from our downloads.[download.ftsoftware.eu] Just install the application and launch it. Don't be scared due to Unknown Publisher, this is a normal harmless warning, just accept the installation.

Download tool[download.ftsoftware.eu]

After launching the tool click Browse... to locate your repaint. Make sure you select the root directory of your repaint, this should include your repaint image (eg. repaint.png) and your repaint config file (eg. myrepaint.repaintinfo, ends with *.repaintinfo). The app will show you errors in case you assign a wrong repaint directory, make sure to validate and fix them.

If you're still struggling with validation errors, download our sample repaint, review the how-to guide and recheck whether you configured your repaint accordingly.

If nothing went wrong, you're pretty good to go ahead. Click Browse thumbnail... and locate a nice looking preview image for your modification. Your thumbnail must be at 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920x1080px is pretty fine and it must be PNG or JPG. All other image formats won't work.

If you'd like to remove your obsolete repaint project make sure to check Delete obsolete source repaint after conversion. It's up to you whether you want to keep your old project. You don't need it anymore since you converted it to a Workshop repaint and there's no need for duplicate repaints, your Workshop version will be priotized and all other obsolete repaints will be discarded while loading FBS.

Hit Convert and that's basically it. Your repaint should be converted and ready to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. Head over to Distributing: Upload to Steam Workshop and updating in this guide.

You can access your new converted repaint in Your Documents\Fernbus Simulator\Mods\. Open up the right repaint directory and access the Content folder. All required repaint files are stored right here, including your repaint image. Do use this image for future updates on your repaint, your old repaint you previously chosen in source repaint directory doesn't matter anymore.
Method #2: Old fashioned way - Migrate repaints manually
Hear me out, this will get messy. But let's do it anyways step by step for those who don't want to use the tool above:

  1. Navigate to your documents folder and create the following directory and its sub directories: \Fernbus Simulator\Mods\

  2. Create a new sub directory again and name it like your repaint, eg. My Repaint.

  3. Create a new image which will be used as thumbnail. Your thumbnail should be 1920x1080px. A screenshot should be fine enough, but don't hesitate to create a fancier thumbnail for your modification. Save it as Mod.png or as Mod.jpg.

  4. Create a new text file Mod.cfg.

  5. Create a new folder Content and copy your original repaint files (in most cases repaint.png and a file which ends with .repaintinfo (Important: note down the original filename of this without file extension)) over into this folder.

  6. Open up Mod.cfg from step 4 and paste the following snippet for repaints which are based on MAN Lion's Coach default (!) variant

    Or use this snippet for repaints based on MAN Lion's Coach C (!) variant

    Replace <YOUR DESCRIPTION> with your repaint description and <REPAINT NAME> with the file name you noted down in step 2 without the file extension (.repaintinfo). This step is really important (both texts without <>).
Distributing: Upload to Steam Workshop and updating
Let's head to the most important step now. Before we actually upload our repaint, test your repaint ingame. Make sure it's accessible by bus selection before starting a route.

There'll be great mess if other players aren't able to use your repaint due to invalid configuration, just test your repaint at least once and you're good to go.

Provide required information and upload it
After testing it, access Mods from the main menu and locate your repaint. Hit the upload button on the right to upload the repaint, obviously.

You should see something like this:

I guess all required information are kinda obvious. I just want to point out the most important ones:

  • Visibility:
    Your repaint is visible to all players by default. Changing it to friends-only or even hidden won't publish it to all players who own FBS. Use this with caution and for testing purposes, your goal is to publish your repaint to all players, not just to yourself.

  • Type:
    Always select Repaint for repaints. It will make it easier for others to find it on Workshop.

  • Vehicles:
    Make sure to check the right vehicle for your repaint. Others are able to filter repaints by vehicle.

  • Changelog:
    And make sure to provide proper change logs when updating your repaint to let others know what exactly has been changed.

After validating all information hit the upload button. FBS will upload your repaint to Steam Workshop and open it in Steam Overlay.

Editing your items page
Congrats, you got your first repaint on Steam. But we're still missing something. You should provide screenshots and extend your description. Take a look at the side bar on your Workshop item page and click Add/Edit images & videos. Upload at least two screenshots showing your repaint from a good angle and make use of cinematic devices, it will enhance your screenshots by far.

You may also add other contributors as well, they will be able to perform editing as well on your repaint.


You're able to update repaints anytime. Once you publish a new version, all other players who subscribed your repaint will receive this update instantly.

Access your converted repaint and start making visual changes. Once you're happy open up mod menu in FBS and hit Update and provide all information again. Make sure to set a proper changelog for your item. Hit Upload, you're done.
Let's wrap it up
I hope this guide gives a neat overview on how to upload custom repaints. Be sure to update your repaints regularly and provide repaints for both MAN Lion's Coach and MAN Lion's Coach C variant.

Expect more modding opportunities apart from repaints to arrive very soon. Feedback and suggestions on this guide are pretty welcome.

Feel free to show off your repaints on the discussion forums and on our official forums.[www.tml-studios.de]

Have fun creating and distributing repaints! Check out my other guides and Workshop submissions meanwhile.

Conversion tool patch notes
  • Fixed thumbnail file size error in Steam Workshop
  • Added about dialog and help link

  • Support for MAN Lions Coach C has been added

  • Initial release