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Custom Blood Decals
Universe: Team Fortress
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Dec 8, 2016 @ 6:25pm
Jun 7 @ 7:43am
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Custom Blood Decals

Official Garry's Mod Release!

These are the custom decals I created for Double-Edged Defense. Contains over 30+ decals for you to use.

Extra thanks to Exe(cute)ioner, Fis and TTMR for testing this out.

Finally, I added a long overdue but quick tutorial for those who want to be shown rather than told how to use these.

Blood,bullet,explosion decals,blizzard and fire embers
Follow pictures for Instructions

Feel free to post fan art of my decals if you want. It's up to you.
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Jul 8 @ 8:46pm
Hard to find
Mar 16 @ 6:03am
I those not show up!!!
Jul 8 @ 8:45pm
I can't find the bulletwounds
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Beans and Rice Aug 15 @ 2:44pm 
Wait, how do you use it, when i clicked on subscribe and restarted sfm and went to the folder you had in the vid, the "particles" folder wasnt there
Your Dealer Pedro - MoBI Jul 20 @ 2:10am 
hi the partictial system disapears if I take the carmera to far way any idea on how to fix this?
Deshawn Jul 4 @ 12:44pm 
doesn't work anymore. Not showing up
Private Fuckface Jul 2 @ 12:42pm 
Okay, thanks.
DsTd  [author] Jun 29 @ 6:16pm 
If you're looking through the particle editor, you don't need to find a folder. Just click System Properties and then click the button next to materials. Then type decals\blood in the filter and you'll find them. The pictures or the video should explain in more detail.
Private Fuckface Jun 29 @ 11:08am 
Just wondering, what folders can I find the decals in? I opened up particle editor, but I cannot seem to find where the heck they are.
Katavasis Jun 2 @ 8:03pm 
Darn. Thank you tho.
DsTd  [author] Jun 2 @ 7:55pm 
@Rexfix: right click the decal's name in the Animation Set Editor, select instance particle system, roll over Edit Particle System Definition and select the name.

@Yaeger Bombastic: Try dragging the timeline across between takes and check the start and stop times for when the particle appears.

@Descension: Nope, sorry.
Katavasis Jun 2 @ 7:42pm 
This will sound stupid.
Anyway to Recolour the blood, though?
I'd appreciate it.
BigStoucheMcGee May 29 @ 7:28am 
So I'm seeing the particle in Animation Set Editor... but it's not in the picture.