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Griptape Backbone
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Dec 5, 2016 @ 10:47pm
Feb 18 @ 9:17pm
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Griptape Backone is LIT!!!
Release date: Early 2017 / when it's finished.
Griptape Backbone is a FREE V A P O R W A V E first person skateboarding game.

You can literally skate whatever surface you want, kind of like that city scene in INCEPTION. The game's control scheme is simple and accessible for everyone, with the controls only requiring the mouse, while also offering the depth to those who want to line up and flick dank tricks whilst controlling your board midair.

You play as a skater in a coma on the brink of life and death and must collect A E S T H E T I C S to reach enlightenment in purgatory while trying your best to expiate your sins.

The game is also extremely Meditative and Zen Like, a game where you can just skate without even worrying about the objectives and listen to the amazing lineup of songs with the in game Player Driven Radio from over 24 artists while taking in the open world skate map full of intentional and unintentional great skate spots to discover.

Music from...
  • Blank Banshee[]
  • Home[]
  • Vektroid[]
  • Selectron[]
  • Suburban Pets[]
  • Tomppabeats[]
  • Toetensen[]
  • Donky Pitch[]
  • Dong Lee[]
  • Pablo Garduño[]
  • Carsyn Ainsworth & Dylan Roberts[]
  • Dutchy![]
  • Brian Haeger[]
  • Warren Heart[]
  • user-999[]
  • Canaan Long aka Prehistoric Turtlesaurus[]
  • Delone[]
  • Mingo Gomez[]
  • Steven Harmon[]
  • 骨架的 []
  • Disconscious[]
  • Sonder[]
  • quickly, quickly[]

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is VAPORWAVE?
    A: Long Answer - Vaporwave is an electronic music subgenre that originated during the early 2010's on the internet. It is characterized by a nostalgic & surrealist fascination with retro design, consumer capitalism, and popular culture. Art embraces low poly, VHS, cassette tapes, Japanese neo tokyo, cyberpunk tropes. Short answer - Slowed down sampling of lounge music, smooth jazz, elevator music, and a certain je ne sais quoi. Shorter answer - A lifestyle.

    Q: Why does the game look like it was made for the ps1?
    A: The ps1 was one of the most A E S T H E T I C consoles to grace us with its presence.

    Q: How long have you been developing this?
    A: A little over two - three ish months, since I've started skating in real life actually. No fear though, there's already enough gameplay time to fill an 80 minute cd mixtape. I'll also update the game from time to time with new skate spots, features, and npc interactions.

    Q: Rights to 90's pop culture allusions? Rights to music?
    A: Freedom of speech, not slander, free game, satire in nature (Vaporwave is a commentary and satire on consumerism, tech, pop culture) The game is legally protected (It's art; games are art), and plus it's free advertising. As far as the music goes, yes I have the permission from these artists to use their music in game and I love them for it. Some of the artists are composing tracks specifically for this game too which is pretty cool!

    Q: Will this game fill the immeasurable empty void that is life?
    A: /music plays
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Crimson Cuttlefish 22 hours ago 
Looks lit, cant find the vote button though
TRESHLIZARD Feb 18 @ 5:15pm 
man this will be the best
Good Gravey! Feb 11 @ 7:35pm 
Would love to waste some time, and get some zen playing this!
VHS Feb 4 @ 9:16am 
I personally loved Awkward Dimensions Redux, played through the whole thing. I slightly like vaporwave, and I love skating, so I look forward to this greatness.
Tommy Wiseau Jan 29 @ 2:11am 
lololololololoving it, awesome games man after Akward im looking forward to this trippy masterpiece
seikikoo Jan 28 @ 6:36pm 
unironicaly want it
TheMomo Jan 28 @ 10:53am 
this game looks like a masterpice
F3 Gabriel Jan 27 @ 8:18am 
looking foward to this game!
openzource Jan 22 @ 9:06am 
hahahha I can't wait for this game, it's so pretty cool and A E S T H E T I C S
milternatalie Jan 20 @ 3:29pm 
i see but the game looks awesome i hope this game will comeout soon.