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Alchemy Supplies 1.3
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Jul 10, 2012 @ 2:27pm
Nov 29, 2013 @ 2:51am
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Alchemy Supplies 1.3

Ever wanted to be an Alchemist but couldn't be bothered to hunt Ingredients well look no further.

This mod adds a Satchel in Dragonsreach that contains 1000 of ALL alchemy ingredients including
Nirnroot, Daedra Hearts and those pesky Jazbay Grape.

Also it contains all known recipes so you'll waste no time in finding out what ingredients go together.

Update 1.1:
Removes Crimson Nirnroot from the chest due to confliction with the 'Return To Your Roots' quest.

Update 1.2:
Adds 1000 Powdered Mammoth Tusks, Requested by Sasdave13.

Update 1.3:
The satchal containing the alchemy supplies now respawns.

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fableofsky May 2 @ 8:36pm 
great mod man really helped out alot
talynamber Feb 27 @ 5:40am 
There are lots of mods, on Nexus, and steam that you can get, even grow jarrin root, then of course, if you are on a pc, there is always the infamous..console command. There are mods on steam that have whole bunches of things, I can't name other mod authors on a modders site. Look up the cheat/god items part.
Tanis Half-Elven  [author] Feb 10 @ 12:22pm 
@Moonwalker*, yes they are not DLC, however they are quest items and adding them will break the quests, this mod used to contain them until I removed them.
Moonwalker* Feb 10 @ 10:12am 
Is there any chance you could add jarrin root and crimson nirnroot? The TES wiki says they're not DLC.
Tanis Half-Elven  [author] Feb 9 @ 2:20am 
x_Bhais_x, Depending on how Ultimate Enchantments effects enchantments that could have been the cause.
x_Bhais_x Feb 8 @ 12:44pm 
I dont have any other mods for dragonsreach but i did mamage to get everything back from the enchanting chest by reloading one of my older saves after deleting the mod then re subscribing to it. so no worries :) everything is back now. Ithink it might have been a wee glitch from downloading the unlimited enchantments mod after the enchanting supplies mod instead of before. Well at least thats the only thing i can think of being the cause.All good now though, GREAT MODS! lol. Thank you for your time. :)
Tanis Half-Elven  [author] Feb 8 @ 3:33am 
@x_Bhais_x, I have no initial ideas to why it would happen but I'll look into it, firstly: Do you have any other mods that edit Dragonsreach in any way?
x_Bhais_x Feb 7 @ 11:36am 
It is indeed part of the Dragonborn DLC :) no worries though. And thank you. I have subscribed to you dragonborn supplies mod but yet to go to solstheim.
Oh and I have a bit of a problem with the enchanting supplies mod :( i got ahold of everything alright and disenchanted all the items and then used some of the gems(super awesome!) saved and went to bed. Then when I reloaded my profile the next day went to do some enchanting and everything was gone, no more soul gems :( Ive unsubcribed and resubscribed to see if that would help for some reason, still no supplies. Any ideas?(Im new to this)
Tanis Half-Elven  [author] Feb 7 @ 3:29am 
@x_Bhais_x, I believe burnt spriggan wood is from the Dragonborm DLC, if so (though I'm not 100% sure) it should be in my 'Dragonborn Supplies' mod.
x_Bhais_x Feb 6 @ 9:49pm 
No burnt spriggan wood? awww :( :( lol no biggie, still loooooove the mod and your others, thx!