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Here There Be Monsters
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Here There Be Monsters

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"Monsters are tragic beings.  They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy.  They are not evil by choice.  That is their tragedy."
--Ishiro Honda

The Sea of Ghosts, they call it.  An emptiness of ice and fog, lifeless and haunted.  But the icy depths hide horrors even the Dragonborn has never faced.  Legends tell of the beasts that dwell in the deep.  Creatures that have slept for centuries beneath the ice.  Monsters of such immensity, that even the dragons fear them.  And now, like the dragons, the monsters have awoken...

Got some love on Gamespot's "Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week."  Thanks, everyone!

*Also available on Nexus.*


This mod adds nine massive boss monsters that prowl the Ghost sea.  They are based off of various world myths regarding sea monsters.  There are also three ship captains and an expert monster hunter for hire.  Asking around the coastal cities will lead you on a quest that will pit you against the terrors of the deep.  Keep an ear out around the docks and go from there.
Get set for an epic hunt!

*Spoilers ahead, if you want to be surprised...*
I realize that starting the quest isn't overly straightforward, so if you're having trouble, here:
The quest triggers the first time you walk into one of the coastal taverns.  You will get a message box informing you that you hear some sailors talking about monsters.  After that, talk to a tattered survivor down on the docks.  There are three survivors, one each on the docks in Dawnstar, Solitude, and Windhelm.  They will tell you a story and the quest will begin, telling you to talk to sea captains.  The sea captains are in the taverns.  Only the sea captain in Dawnstar, Captain Gamli, will advance the quest at first.  He will send you to kill Jormungandr, then you return to him and he will send you to Ghoragdag.  Ghoragdag will send you to kill the Leviathan.  Then she sends you to Guomundr, who sends you to kill Iku-Turso.  It is there that you will meet The Hunter camped out on the same island as the Serpent Stone, which begins a second, separate quest (Or you can also talk to him on his ship in Dawnstar after killing Iku-Turso).  From there The Hunter will follow you and is always the quest giver.  I wouldn't recommend killing the monsters out of order, unless you just don't want to deal with the quest at all.  All four main characters can be followers.
*End Spoilers*


-An epic, fully-voiced quest to rid the sea of giant monsters.
-9 monsters, each with a unique lair.
-3 ship captains for hire.
-1 expert monster hunter for hire.
-Unique spells that let you summon monster spawn.
-A monster hunter's ship that can be used as a player home.
-The Eye of Óðinn, an enchanted eyepatch with a constant detect life enchantment.
-Custom armor and weapons that can be forged from the remains of the monsters you kill.

Monsters & Locations

Karkinos - (Mudcrab)
-Giant Crab sent by Hera to distract Hercules as he fought the Hydra.  Hercules quickly dispatched the crab by kicking it with such force that it was propelled into the sky  Found on the islands around Broken Oar Grotto.

Leviathan - (Slaughterfish)
-The most massive of sea creatures in the Old Testament, a beast only God himself can tame.  Used to show Job the power of God, for only he had mastery over such a beast.  Found in the deep dark of Pilgrim's Trench.

Iku-Turso - (Horker)
-"The Eternal Turso"  A ancient melavolent Finnish sea monster and god.  Described as a giant walrus, and sometimes considered a god of war.  Found in the waters north of the Serpent Stone.

Jormungandr - (Ice Wraith)
-The Midgard Serpent of Norse mythology.  He is the son of the trickster god Loki.  Odin took Jörmungandr and threw him into the ocean, where he grew so large that he was able to surround the earth and grasp his own tail.  When he lets go, the world will end.  Found due north of Ophan's Tear.

Curriud - (Chaurus)
-Celtic sea monster without much description.  The myth of the Gae Bulg mentions a fight to the death between two monsters: the Curruid and the Coinchenn.  Found west-northwest of Septimus Signus's Outpost.

Kraken - (Dwarven Spider)
-The epitomic sea monster that haunts sailors the world over.  Often described as a cephalopod, but early descriptions describe it as a crab-like monster.  Found east of Bleakcoast Cave.

Ymir - (Frost Atronach)
-Norse myth describes Ymir as the father of all Jötunn.  He is a primeval being who was born from venom that dripped from the icy rivers Élivágar.  He was killed by Odin at the creation of the world.  Found far north of Brinewater Grotto. 

Tiamat - (Storm Atronach)
-A Babylonian chaos monster, a primordial goddess of the ocean, and mother of younger gods and monsters.  Described as the embodiment of primordial chaos.  She travels the Sea of Ghosts like a storm.

Phorcys - (Lurker)
-"Old Man Of The Sea"  He is a primordial Greek sea god.  Considered the shepard of the sea and said to have fathered all its monsters.  Found north of Dawnstar.

All of the monsters can be killed and all will present a good fight.  Enjoy!


-Giant monsters tend to glitch a bit.  I've tried to optimize their size and environment to help this, but a little weirdness is inevitable with creatures this size.
-The Curruid sometime causes massive FPS drop; I'm not sure why.  Something in the way Chaurus are animated, I believe.
-Jormungandr is still about 70 feet in the air, so he's a bit hard to fight.  I made it so he can swim, so sometimes he will sink into the water where you can get at him a little more easily.  This is just the nature of the Ice Wraith.
-Leviathan has a tendency to get stuck down deep and not chase the player.  You have to coax him to the surface to get a shot at him.  My favorite strategy is to locate him in the water beneath you and Fus! him to the surface so you can fight him.
-The area where Jormungandr originally was (due north of Icewater Jetty) has become corrupt because I messed up the Navmeshes. Jormungandr has been moved to a new area north of Ophan's Tear, and there is no reason to go to the corrupted area. I'm looking into fixing the meshes, but it's an involved process that I haven't had time for yet. Sorry if this causes problems.
-There is an item called the Chaos Shield that can sometimes cause a CTD.  It uses the lightning effect from a Storm Atronach, and for some reason the game doesn't like that.

Quest Stage Fixes

If you kill a monster out of order, is *should* simply update the quest to that point in the quest, but things might get messed up, so here are the quest IDs in case you need to use some console trickery: 
HTBM01 - "Here There Be Monsters"
HTBM02 - "Hunter of Monsters"
Just use getstage [quest id] to get your current quest and setstage [quest id] XXX to set it to the next stage (Just keep adding five until it completes what you need it to.) 
Alternatively, if you killed a monster before you were supposed to, just use the "resurrect" command in the console and kill him again, that should trigger it. 
I'll keep working on contingencies to keep these problems from happening but this should help if you get stuck. Or you can always just reload and do it again.


Thanks to Lifestorock & Vicn for the models of the Leviathan & Sharks, respectively.

Thanks to Muppetpuppet for letting me use the siligonder body for the Curruid.

Thanks to SpikeDragonLord for his simple (yet crucial) shark tooth model.

Thanks to I'ma Wape Mods for letting me use his excellent Aquaman trident.
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Shahrazad the Listener Nov 19 @ 9:05am 
Well, never mind that; I found it, but I also found that his follower AI is broken outside the quest. He doesn't follow me anywhere, he ignores commands, and when I talk to him to say "Wait here", I don't then get the option to say "Follow me"; I can only tell him to "Wait here" again.
Shahrazad the Listener Nov 19 @ 8:41am 
All right, what's the Hunter's RefID? I hired him on as a follower and he disappeared five minutes later.
Araanim  [author] Nov 16 @ 2:21pm 
@bmw_99 Are you following the quest, or did you just kill the crab randomly? If you killed the crab, you should be able to talk to him and continue the quest.
Bmw_99 Nov 16 @ 11:17am 
The Hunter has just found me and joined me in Whiterun after I killed the Crab. I cannot speak to him or manage him as a regular follower. Will it be ever possible to get rid of him? I just prefer to travel alone.
WarbeastWarlock Oct 25 @ 1:22pm 
do more sea creatures!
trayce_stewart Oct 12 @ 4:51pm 
I don't know if this has already been borught up in the comments (but i am not going through 185 pages of comments) but please make it so the hunter doesnt get stuck past the invisble wall at the end of the world...i encountrd this glitch when i killed the curruid otherwise great mod!
Araanim  [author] Sep 2 @ 6:00pm 
You need some of the "eggs" from Tiamat.
TUSMAQEEM Sep 2 @ 6:40am 
Does anyone know how to craft the chaos shield? I've probably missed a couple of craftable item just because i don't have the item to make them, but i've gotten all the "monsters remain". Chaos shield is still absent from the forging list though.
Jenny Myers Sep 1 @ 1:43am 
Any idea why Skyrim crashes when I start it with this?
TUSMAQEEM Aug 29 @ 6:00am 
Well, i'm going to do that then. Thank you very much for helping me! Your mod is truly the best of all monsters mod!