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Magic Scaling
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Feb 8, 2012 @ 8:08am
Feb 8, 2012 @ 10:52am
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Makes all schools of magic scale in power!

Also, increases combat magicka regeneration to 75% instead of 33%.

Detailed Explanation

Magic perks (Such as Novice Destruction) not only reduce the cost by 50%, but causes the power of the spell to scale by 25% spell's level. This means Destruction spells scale by your Destruction level, etc.

For Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion the duration also scales (instead of just the power).

For example, Flames does 8 damage per second. With this mod the Novice Destruction perk will reduce it's magicka cost by 50%, and cause it's power to scale by 25% of your Destruction level. At 50 Destruction, Flames will do 20 damage per second (20.5 rounded down).

The mod increases the power of all spell levels, not just Novice.

Upcoming Features
Next release (revision 4) will tweak the mana cost reduction / spell damage increase. The game quickly becomes unbalanced using the mod in it's current form. This mod is not meant to be an overpowered lulz-fest. It's simply meant to allow mages to remain competitive with damage increases as they level.

I'm currently working on testing/balancing the next release to ensure it does not ruin the gameplay and makes magic a one shot all solution.
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Friday the Thirteenth Nov 17 @ 10:01pm 
Would you PLEASE fix the damned Alteration spells?
Больная Nov 10 @ 12:22pm 
Great mod! Also fix detect spells and telekinesis plz!
PanzerGrapefruit Oct 27 @ 6:33am 
does this mod scale damage with staffs?
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detect spells not able to detect things, alteration hard to up
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im also haveing truble with the detect spells
brother101st Aug 6 @ 8:21am 
a little op at the beginning of game but balances once your at a high level
sad0clown Aug 5 @ 12:56am 
thank you for your mod!
xozzy19x Jul 5 @ 2:44pm 
my invisibility cast cost skyroketed to 501.
and unistalling the mod doesnt seem to help
guess author stop giving a shit about this mod and community. :(
carcinoGeneticist Jun 1 @ 1:44pm 
Great mod, but please fix Detect spells and Telekinesis!