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[Skill] Arcanist
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Jul 8, 2012 @ 11:02pm
Jul 19, 2013 @ 11:43pm
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[Skill] Arcanist

Current version: 0.43


-Several buffs related to Arcane Blast and Supercharge tweaked for balance.
-Reflected arcane missiles will now hurt the player.
-Cosmetic updates.

For detailed information, please see: http://community.gaslampgames.com/threads/skill-arcanist.2909/


Another quick mod from me. Arcanist is primarily a support skill with some damage options; damage from Arcanist is either 1) unreliable or 2) mana - inefficient. The skill hopes to benefit players who maintain control over their mana resources, and provides some tools to help with that.

Have fun, and please report any bugs and the like! I'm not too sure whether Thaumogenic Cleansing is working 100% as intended, but if you find any problems with corruption removal, please let me know.


-Level 0: Cornucopia

"Studying at magic school was tough. So tough, in fact, that you never really had the time to nip down to the store on campus. Good thing you found a way around that by conjuring food and drink out of thin air."

*1 sagacity, 1 aethereal resistance.
*480 turn cooldown.
*Summons 8 danishes and 8 botles of merlot.

-Level 1: Arcane Missile

"Fire an arcane missile off into the darkness! The effect is stable most of the time, but sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less..."

*1 magic power, 1 aethereal resist
*5-12 mana cost.
* Fires a missile that on impact, has:
-20% chance to deal weak damage.
-60% chance to deal moderate damage.
-20% chance to deal strong damage.

-Level 2: Counterspell

"'My magic is more potent than yours, and I can prove it!' With your general-purpose counterspell, you can prevent enemies from casting for a while and slightly reduce their resistances to your magic."

*1 magic resist, 5 reflection, 1 aethereal resist.
*15 mana flat cost.
*Silences an enemy for 15 turns and debuffs by -7 magic resist, -7 reflection, -3 aethereal resist. Stacks 3 times.

-Level 3: Arcane Blast

"Blast your enemies with raw arcane power! With each consecutive casting of this spell (up to four times), it becomes far more potent in both damage and area of effect, but its mana costs skyrocket."

*1 aethereal resist.
*10-30 mana cost.
*Deals variable aethereal, blasting, and transmutative damage on a main target, followed by splash damage. Amount of damage and area of effect depends on how many times the spell has been consecutively cast, up to four times.
*Debuffs your own savvy heavily, but increases haywire (to offset loss from savvy) and magic power.

-Level 4: Create Mana Gem

"Create a gem to store away some of your mana for later! Using the gem will fry your energies a little due to the surge of power, but better that than running dry, eh?"

*5 mana, 1 mana regen, 1 aethereal resist.
*50 mana flat cost.
*Creates a mana gem that restores 33 mana and creates a debuff that prevents additional mana gems from taking effect for 20 turns.

-Level 5: Supercharge

"Through rigorous mental training and yelling like a madman for a total of three episodes, you can supercharge yourself for six turns and gain ultimate wizard power! Be forewarned, though - mortals were not made to hold such energies, and you lose everything at the end of it all."

*1 savvy, 1 magic power, 1 aethereal resist.
*96 turn cooldown.
*6 turn duration of infinite mana, 10 magic power and 10 haywire. You will still not be able to cast spells which costs exceed your total mana pool.
*Drains all mana at the end of 6 turns.

-Level 6: Arcane Reflux

"You've discovered a way to trim the waste from your spells, refluxing any mana that would have been lost back into useful energies. While this buff is active, every spell you cast has a chance to release a small blast of mana about its target. Handle with care around shopkeepers."

*1 savvy, 1 haywire, 1 aethereal resist.
*Creates a buff that consumes 2 mana per turn. When active, any spell you cast has a 33% to create a small damaging area of effect about its target, dealing aethereal, blasting and transmutative damage. Does not harm yourself.

Level 7: Thaumogenic Cleansing

"You've become so adept at mana manipulation that you can reverse-engineer what makes your artifacts tick and weed out corruption in them, at the cost of some mana."

*2 magic power, 1 haywire, 1 aethereal resist.
*72 turn cooldown.
*Removes corruption. Does NOT remove Krong curses.
*Drains 50% of mana when used.
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Weaver Jun 20 @ 10:38pm 
The only balance question I have is, should the summonables be sellable ...
Lesnoy Dyatel Dec 8, 2014 @ 5:04pm 
oh, I'm sorry, should I delete my comments?
Cake  [author] Dec 8, 2014 @ 7:33am 
Encrusting instability is not corruption and cannot be removed.
Lesnoy Dyatel Dec 8, 2014 @ 5:57am 
yep, it was cursed after 4 same encrustings
Cake  [author] Dec 8, 2014 @ 4:54am 
Are you sure it is a corruption effect and not a Krong curse, which cannot be removed?
Lesnoy Dyatel Dec 8, 2014 @ 4:04am 
how the last skill works? I use it on a floor, it take 1 MP an nothing happens. I have one item corrupted with some bad side-effects, wering that robe, still have effects.
Peter Sep 26, 2012 @ 4:48am 
I agree with roguish over here, sometimes powerful skills cost a truckload of mana rather than a good cooldown, and I see nothing wrong with that. If you want to dump 45 mana onto something before even dealing damage to it, that's your call.
Cake  [author] Sep 25, 2012 @ 7:42pm 
Bug is not unique, is common to all mod skills.

How is stacking not balanced? Single target, flat cost, and the silence effect does not stack. If you spend 45 mana on a single target just for the resist debuffs, it's fair enough. Even if I didn't make it stack, the silence effect would just be refreshed when the buff was recast, essentially amounting to the same thing.
loopuleasa Sep 25, 2012 @ 11:15am 
Also, counterspell should NOT stack. Way too OP, but I want it to be balanced for fun.
loopuleasa Sep 25, 2012 @ 11:14am 
You should increase cornucopia's cooldown even more. Maybe 600.

Also, I've noticed a bug. If you use cornucopia it will stay at 99 indefinitely and won't refresh. However, if you exit and enter the game or bind Cornucopia to another key it works as normal and properly displays the remaining cooldown.