Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Jul 8, 2012 @ 7:08pm
Sep 19, 2013 @ 6:40am
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Preview the map. Not satisfied? Generate a new map and restart!
This is a new version that fixes many problems and overcomes previous limitations.
Open it from the diplo corner menu (top right) or hit Ctrl+Shift+R.
Works with and without G&K, with and without BNW.

It will create (reroll) a new map and reset your game. Some things like religions and natural wonder discoveries cannot be reset but you will be warned about them.

* Works on PC and Macs.
* Works with and without G&K and/or Brave new world, with and without any DLC. Needs confirmation from users without G&K.
* Exceptions are some mods written before G&K and not updated since then that used to modify the diplo corner. See the links section to update them.
* Compatible with most mods and map scripts. A few of them may not work as intended if their initialization routine would need to be repeated after the reset. Modders can see the official thread for more informations and a workaround.

* Map options and type are always in your client's language.
* Full localization in English, Chinese or Russian.

* Subscribe to this mod.
* Start civ5 and click *MODS*. Download will automatically proceed (it it does not, Steam messed up, look at the links section - Fix Steam install).
* Enable this mod.
* Click *NEXT* on the bottom right, check that Reseed is listed.
* Click *SINGLE PLAYER* to start or reload a solo game.
* Once your game has started, open the diplo corner menu (smallest button on the top right corner), then click 'Reseed!' to open the mods' window.
* Mac users need to download the archive from the official thread and look at the Mac FAQ in the links section here to learn how to play mods on macs.

- I subscribed but the download does not start. Steam broke your download. Close civ5 and delete the cache folder in Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization V. Start civ5, go to the mods page, be patient and wait for all mods to be downloaded. I insist: be patient or you will break things again.
- I subscribed but the download does not start (bis). If Steam continuously fails, try a manual install from the official thread (see the links section).
- I can't see the Reseed label. It was not loaded: DO NOT CLICK "BACK"!
- I can't see the Reseed label (bis). Sometimes civ5 loads no mods if one of the selected mods couldn't be loaded (for example a total conversion mod was enabled but you try to reload a savegame created without it).
- I can't see the Reseed label (ter). You did something wrong somewhere. No, there is no bug, you did something wrong, you will soon realize it. Read everything again.

- The minimap is revealed when I try to do a preview and it is not restored after. This is a civ5 bug, hit the "fix minimap" button.
- The game crashes on the loading screen. It happens on some computers when you load a save in-game. It is usually fixed by removing some mods. But complain to Firaxis, not to those mods' authors: this is a civ5 bug.

* Those who lurk in the CivFanatics' depths, who provided feedback and bug reports to me.
* IVLIVSCAESAR for the Chinese translation.
* Zodiak69 for the Russian translation.

* Official thread:
* Repair Steam install:
* FAQ for Macs:
* Updating an old mod:
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