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Smithing Supplies 2.7
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Jul 7, 2012 @ 9:21am
Feb 2 @ 3:50am
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NOTE: This mod is now compatible with the 'Open Cities' mod by Arthmoor.

This mod adds a chest near the forge in Whiterun that contains ALL smithing items including Dragon Bone and Scales, Deadra Hearts, Ingots, Leather, Gems and Firewood which is used in the DLC Dawnguard.

The chest contains 1000 of each item so there is enough supplies to make anything you wish providing you have the nesessary perks, if not use about 300 of the Iron ingots and leather strips to master Smithing.

Hope you enjoy.

If anybody has any requests to add to this mod please leave a comment, I know there's alot of mods with weird items required for smithing recipes and I'll try to oblige, though I will not do DLC or other mod based requests as I want to keep this DLC and mod requirement free.

Update 1.1:
Moves the chest from Riverwood to Whiterun to make it closer to more shops.

Update 1.2:
Adds 1000 fo each pelt/hide because alot of mods use them for smithing.

Update 1.3:
Adds 1000 Frostbite Venom to the chest, requested by spectre10691.

Update 1.4:
Adds 1000 Hawk feathers to the chest, requested by Magic Gonads.

Update 1.5:
Adds 1000 Hagraven feathers to the chest, requested by [ST]Sewer Hoovy.

Update 1.6:
Adds 1000 Mammoth Tusks to the chest, requested by dragonqueen89.

Update 1.7:
Adds 1000 Centurion Dynamo Cores to the chest, requested by SweetAnubis~TSB~.

Update 1.8:
Adds 1000 Chaurus Chitin to the chest, requested by Ackbar.

Update 1.9:
Adds 1000 Werewolf Pelt, Charcoal, Tundra Cotton and Linen Wraps to the chest,
requested by The Angel.

Update 2.0
Adds 1000 Blacksmith's Elixir Potions to the chest, requested by ChickenChaser.

Update 2.1:
Adds 1000 Bear Claws to the chest, requested by [ToxiT] Jangulele.
Also the chest now respawns every couple of days.

Update 2.2:
Add 1000 Fire Salts, Frost Salts and Void Salts to the chest, requested by Imortal_cam.

Update 2.3:
Adds 1000 Deer Pelts to the chest, requested by The Angel.

Update 2.4:
Adds 1000 Horker Tusks to the chest, requested by Karl.

Update 2.5:
Adds 1000 Human Flesh to the chest, requested by keverchris974.

Update 2.6:
Adds 1000 Human Skulls to the chest, requested by Relativitea.
Adds 1000 Swamp Fungal Pods and Canis Root to the chest, requested by Shozow^.
Now compatible with the 'Open Cities' mod by Arthmoor.

Update 2.7:
Adds 1000 Human Hearts to the chest, requested by jhowardjackson.


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Tanis Half-Elven  [author] 13 hours ago 
@LegendWizardz, yes.
LegendWizardz 22 hours ago 
do the items refresh after time like the alchemy ones?
Tanis Half-Elven  [author] Jul 21 @ 2:53am 
@souls prodigy, click the big green SUBSCRIBE button at the top of the screen.
souls prodigy Jul 20 @ 10:44pm 
how do i download it
Tanis Half-Elven  [author] Jul 17 @ 4:10am 
@Muzska, sorry no, I'm leaving this mod and all my others DLC free unless otherwise stated.
TheLongBanana Jul 16 @ 3:46pm 
Can you add stalhrim?
Sam Suphit Jul 4 @ 12:13pm 
hi, I wanted to ask you, before you were not a mod Crafting Supplies in every city, I can not find it?
Tanis Half-Elven  [author] Jul 3 @ 5:47pm 
@Collin, that would require me to make this mod dependent on the Dragonborn DLC, because of this I will not be adding Netch Leather or anything from any DLC or other mods, sorry.
Collin Jul 3 @ 4:06pm 
add netch leather
Tanis Half-Elven  [author] Jun 29 @ 3:40am 
@Dirty Dan, sa for the respawning, all I did was tick a box on the chest so It's up to your game to respawn the contents, try using the console command 'ResetInventory' on it.