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5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod v3.5.0
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Nov 15, 2016 @ 12:02am
Dec 7 @ 6:13am
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5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod v3.5.0

Spud Dastardly presents the biggest Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars mod in the galaxy! This mod is massive overhaul of the gameplay experience. The list of changes it makes is far too long to list here. It's like a whole new game! It includes a total rebalance of every aspect of gameplay, new technologies, improved AI, and much more.

Languages/Sprachen/Языки/Idiomas/Jazyky: English, German (Deutsch), Russian (русский), Spanish (Spain) (Español (España)), Czech (čeština)

The Unofficial Code Patch by WhatIsSol is highly recommended for use with or without this mod! You can get it on Steam or on Nexus Mods[]. If you are going to use UCP with 5X, it is necessary to use the 5X UCP Compatibility mod

5X was featured in a series of videos by YouTubers Mal and Sabouts! They played two games on impossible difficulty (using version 2.3.1). You can see the first video above, or click here to watch it on YouTube. At the end of the second game, they did a review of the mod and the game which is featured above, though there's some spoilers on how that game ended up, so you might want to watch the whole series first.

I've put many hours of work into this mod! If you would like to show your appreciation with a donation, you can do so here.[]

Version 3.5 Changes:
  • All orbital defenses now get the same range boost that star bases get.
  • MIRV missile splitting distance increased to 32, which should make them split before they get in range of orbital defense PD weapons.
  • Added several new galaxy types of various sizes and configurations. For details see this post. Please report any issues in generating galaxies including exact seed number and other starting options. If a galaxy fails to generate, you may get it to work with another attempt using a different seed.

Any feedback is welcome, and I'm happy to answer questions about specific changes. The French localization for 3.0 is not available since my translator quit playing MoO. If you enjoy this update, consider donating (link near the top). I put many hours of work into it!

Also check out these related mods:
  • Split Tech Tree is an addon for 5X that re-arranges the entire tech tree into 8 separate branches to make it more like a MoO2 style tech tree. This completely changes the tech tree strategy, so if you want to shake things up with a totally rearranged tech tree, give it a shot!
  • 5X Lite is a lighter version of the 5X mod that includes most of the balance adjustments of 5X but none of the added technologies, tech tree changes, added uber biomes, etc. It's for players who want a more balanced game but one that's closer to the original in terms of its scope.
  • ALL AI + Extreme circle galaxy + 5X galaxies allows you to play with every race at the same time on 5X galaxies and allows you to use 5X galaxy ages/density settings with potentially every race on an extreme circle galaxy. This mod can be used standalone or with 5X.
  • 5X UCP Compatibility Mod is for players using 5X with WhatIsSol's Unofficial Code Patch. It re-enables the bugged technologies disabled in 3.4 because those bugs are fixed in UCP, and it takes advantage of some modding features added by UCP. I highly recommend using both UCP and this addon!
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TWJunky Dec 12 @ 8:17pm 
what settings should i choose (size, race, technolgy start and game pace) to have fun and challenging game? i am an expirienced 4x gamer.
Num7 Dec 12 @ 3:32pm 
If someone was to improve the way the AI handles trade negociations, would that be you with the 5X mod, or WhatIsSol with the UCP?

It seems that at some point during the game, the AI isn't able to negociate trade deals and will just offer nearly to nothing in answer to huge gifts. For instance, you offer them a planet or a good technology and they don't want it. Or you ask them for one of your techs and they ask you for everything you have. I assume it must be pretty tricky to improve, but it might be worth a shot.

Thank you for your time.
Venusaisha Dec 10 @ 10:10pm 
i noticed the sneaking around GNN or ect lol
Venusaisha Dec 7 @ 7:28pm 
Thanks for the update seems to do alot stability of research,diplomacy communication and map screens compared to before while I Moose(collection) it.
Num7 Dec 5 @ 4:07am 
Forgot about about the multistate insulator starting age. That'll do the trick. Good points for the rest. Thanks man! :)
Spud Dastardly  [author] Dec 4 @ 9:11pm 
- Smaller galaxies will not generate properly with minor civs. The game freezes on the loading screen. I could put them in by limiting the number of major civs you can add, but I decided having more major civs is a better option than more minor civs.

- I can't remove the unstable starlanes from spiral and cluster galaxies. You could play on the Multistate Insulator starting age, which only starts you with the techs up through that one, though that does mean you pick up quite a lot of other techs along the way. Without too much difficulty you could create your own mod to give multistate insulator to everyone at the beginning of the game (you would modify TechTree.yaml and put it in technode_root).

- I've actually gotten previous requests to move it later in the tech tree. It's all a matter of taste I suppose. You could always turn up the research speed so you get it earlier or create a mod to move it earlier. I can't please everyone on this one, so I'd like to leave it where it is.
Num7 Dec 4 @ 7:21pm 
I have a few requests/suggestions for your consideration.

- I noticed that on smaller galaxy types, there are no minor civs at all. Would you agree to add at least one minor to those smaller galaxy types?

- Would you be able to offer all the galaxy types available in the 5X mod, optionally without unstable starlanes? That would be neat. (For instance, there'd be cluster, and cluster without unstable starlanes in galaxy types)

- What about moving the tech that unlocks the unstable starlanes to a spot that is a bit earlier? It often feels like you're stuck forever in your cluster. Just throwing the idea out there to make sure the early-mid-game doesn't drag out.

Spud Dastardly  [author] Nov 29 @ 5:26pm 
@Jafari That's probably not being caused by the mod. What happens when you turn the combat speed up? Still nothing?
Jafari Nov 29 @ 8:04am 
whenever i take command of a combat situation none of the ships move mine or the enmies
mrdesch Nov 26 @ 5:54pm 
Ok, problem solved; appearently i had a 'local mod' running (which i never remeber creating) and deactivating that and reloading the game saw both leaders with all their skills. Thank you for your time <3