Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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'New spearmen v1.1' [Author: Dave3377]
'New spearmen v1.1' By author Dave3377.
Link to original file:

[Author: Dave3377]
Posted on 01/24/11 @ 12:21 AM

File Description:
Changes the spearman to a pikeman unit holding a spe...
AGE II HD TChinese Zoey'sWork Release Ver5.04
Created by Zoey Meow

《已配合 ROR 新資料片王者崛起更新,請安心服用》
《已配合 AOAK 新資料片非洲王朝更新,感謝 ACIDPower 熊熊協力 請安心服用》
《插件縮圖、啟動器由 SRX_timocmbux™ 砲灰秋刀魚完成美化,僅本插件獨有,請勿盜用》
《2015.11.18 後,更新原則上不再需要重新覆蓋!請詳閱說明》

AOE 1 Catapults
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces the Mangonel & Onager.

Taken from Gallas's Rome Returns Mod Pack at:

These mods from the Steam Workshop may alter how Age of Empires II: HD Edition functions, and are not c...
Age of World Empires
Created by Zhizhou Zhang
Hi, everyone, I’m Zhizhou Zhang, a Chinese modder.

Age of World Empires, or AOWE for short, is a DATA mod for Age of Empires 2 HD. This mod enables Eastern and Western civs have totally different generic unit skins, they don’t have to share the same Eu...
Alpha Battering Ram
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces the default Battering Ram. Guys can be seen pushing it from within, looks great :)

Uses the default attack animation, and explodes in a cloud of dust when destroyed.

Taken from Taichi San's Mod Pack at:
Alpha Cavalry Archer
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces the Cavalry Archer with a similar unit from the Alpha. I think someone modified his head though?

Taken from Dynasty_IV's Age of Civs Mod Pack at:
Architecture Renovation
Created by oxam
The Architecture Renovation Mod is finally available via Automatic Subscription!

This mod transforms the standard 'Age of Kings' building architecture for a more pronounced progression from Feudal to Castle and subsequently Imperial Ages. In other words...
Black Arrow
Created by Ghazna
Mod to convert regular (non-chemistry) arrows into completely black arrows. Makes arrows more visually prominent during fights.

Works with all AOE2 HD, AoC, FE, AK.

Graphical mod, multiplayer compatible....
Brown Palisade Walls and Gates
Created by AtticNote
A recolour of the palisade walls and gates, plus I removed the yellow mud that was spread around the bases.

I've also included a recolour of Pesqueira's outpost from Pesqueira's Graphic Pack

Building Shadow Fix
Created by gagman
Almost every black building shadow is replaced by an transparent one
(except Town Center, Gates/Walls and some Editor objects)

The Forgotten
The African Kingdoms
The Rise of the Rajas

Collectibles Night Menu
Created by SirBackorA
Elegant Winter Night Menu with shadows and fancy colors.
Style background classic AoE without HD!
For Age of empires 2 HD and DLC. NEW!

Installation instructions:
1. Click here first on the green button Subscribe
2. Wait to download the ite...
Enhanced Water
Created by Silent Ape
Modifies the (shallow) water and beach as seen on the screenshots. Now supports Rise of Rajas as well.

Relevant mods:
Enhanced Rice Farms For Enhanced Water

If you're furth...
Fishing Ship Reskin
Created by julianbaba4
A simple reskin for the Fishing Ship.

Nothing special, but nice if you want something different :P

Taken from Gallas' Battleship Blood mod at:
Game of Thrones - New map 2017
Created by Kabas
Multiplayer scenario based on the fictional world of "A Song of Ice and Fire" and "Game of Thrones", created by George RR Martin

Play as your favorite house, make alliances or lose...

Player 1 Britons - House Tully
Player 2 Magyars - House Lannister...
Gothic Architecture
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces the Northern European Set.

Multiplayer compatible.

Most buildings taken from Pesqueira's Graphic Pack:

Castle replacement by TriRem. ...
Italian Towers
Created by Catbarf
Hello AoeHD'ers

This is a follow up to my Italian castle mod, for all of your who are not a fan of those bleached white buildings. I have used parts from the new feitoria as well as the slavic watchtower. The watch tower roof is designed to fit in with ...
New Short Walls
Created by Jineapple
Short Walls, helping players see behind those annoying tall walls. No more of that end game villager hide and seek.
This is based on another Short wall Mod (see link below), I added graphics for the Indian and South East Asian architectures, which have b...
Ozhara's Coastline Replacement
Created by Ozhara
This mod changes the blending of beach/water and Ice/water as in my space water replacement. There were requests to publish them seperately, so you can use them with whatever textures you might use - so here it is.

If you are interested in the bridge gr...
Ozhara's Layered Flora Terrain Pack
Created by Ozhara
I created the first terrains of this when experimenting with some terrain textures from Cossacks 3 - mainly the roads and some vegetation for them.

As you can see it exceeded a little and results in a whole new set of terrains now.^^

Beside new roads...
Ozhara's Road Pack IX
Created by Ozhara
This texture pack contains a ninth completely new, alternate set of road textures, different from the ones used in all my other texture packs.
These roads I originally created for my v7 full terrain pack but then decided to not use them in there.

No o...
Ozhara's Soundtracks - Apocalypto
Created by Ozhara
This mod replaces the Soundtrack and menu music with a the ones from Apocalypto as requested by Kukulkan! (Macuahuitl).

For the updated content changes, take a look at the change notes. :)


If you wa...
Small Trees
A reduction in tree size (75%).
Trees from original game data.
'Enhanced Forests' graphical edit by Silent Ape. (
Reduction in size by Euron Naharis....
Summons Next Wave HD Textures
Created by summons_2012
Ok some textures are from (Summons HD Textures v3),
but are upgraded and the grass is new.
Give small texture to roads.
Didn't change cliff or mines....
Trebuchet Alpha
Created by K'Braid
This mod replaces the Trebuchet with the version used in the Alpha builds of the game.

I have not made nor obtained by myself the files used in this mod! Those who have ripped these files and thus the original owners are - Taichi San - and - kotzkroete ...
White Jouster Reskin
Created by julianbaba4
A simple reskin for the Frankish Paladin to make him look more like a Crusader.

Taken from Mahazona's Crusader Cavalry mod at:
=HD= Terrain - Grid Mod
Created by DoctorWillCU
=HD= Terrain - Grid Mod is now updated for African Kingdoms new terrain with new redraw grid lines.

TIPS: If you wanna see grid on water, you must turn off Render 3D Water in option.

You can use this mod in MULTIPLAYERS game either other do...
Advanced idle pointer
Created by linetyreborn
Based on the idea of Gallas's mod Idle pointer ,

this mod shows the vills with exclamation mark above them when they turn idle .

However when vills gather ressources and they stop ,they turn idle but the excalmation mark won't appear since there is...