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Shadow Striping Fix (Indoor/Outdoor)
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Feb 8, 2012 @ 2:31am
Aug 21, 2012 @ 12:35pm
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Shadow Striping Fix (Indoor/Outdoor)

This is a small and simple mod that will fix those annoying and disgusting shadows in houses and other areas.

Basically the main cause of these radial shadow defects is a low shadow depth bias, which ironically, states in the Creation Kit Wiki that a low (or to quote "A poor Shadow Depth Bias") can cause these defects.

Please note that this mod may cause an FPS drop on certain machines, and this mod should be compatible with most if not all mods which may exclude ones that change the lighting conditions in the affected areas.

Please also remember to notify me if you find any more shadow problems, and I will try to fix it as quickly as possible :D

Now also available on Skyrim Nexus :

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Dec 10, 2015 @ 5:59am
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Apr 26, 2016 @ 3:23am
Post things to be added to the mod here!
Jan 25, 2014 @ 7:42am
Where is this file?
< >
Virginia Feb 11 @ 12:01pm 
it doesn't work.
0megaJ0ker Jan 22 @ 11:42am 
Praise the Sun for your mod
山回几句ヨ尺 Jan 2 @ 11:02pm 
I've noticed at times a similar phenomenon when traveling outside, Mine is not the best rig, so this may be due to lower graphics settings. Dec 11, 2016 @ 8:06pm 
will you be bringing this to SSE?
multicoloured_bloodbath Dec 8, 2016 @ 10:02pm 
Seems to work sometimes then has to be removed and re-added. Changing shadow quality after running it once has led to insta-ctd that seems to get worse when entering building or being in caves/dungeons with light sources not generated by sunlight
iCoenobite Dec 5, 2016 @ 1:18am 
Ну наконец то я нашел мод для исправления этих редеющих полосок..спасибо
crazycars3D gamer Nov 29, 2016 @ 1:09pm 
Thank god, those shadow stripping were the worst
1 hp Nov 9, 2016 @ 4:20am 
стоящий мод!
The Khakis Overlord Nov 2, 2016 @ 8:20pm 
LOVE THIS MOD THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! The shadows from the fires were going across peoples faces and this mod makes it SOOOOO much better :)))) Thank you!!
jim hawkins Sep 7, 2016 @ 9:50am 
Ce mod est très bien par contre pour les français j'ai remarqué que ce mod changé le nom de certains lieux (pas tous) en anglais, comme Fort-Dragon en Dragonreach, voilà c'est un détail mais c'est mieux de le savoir avant !