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Mountain Miner (A16)
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Nov 5, 2016 @ 6:32pm
Mar 20 @ 9:33pm
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Mountain Miner (A16)

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This mod adds a Mountain Miner.
The mountain miner is a hand-operated machine used to mine out the area above the tunneling level.
Allows for rock roof removal and produces chunks in the process.

Japanese Translation by Proxyer .
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(>^.^)> <(^.^<) Apr 8 @ 7:57pm 
Did I do something wrong with the drill? I used it on a mountain roof (which left a ton of chunks :P) but still have a roof over where it drilled.
bluemoonshark Apr 5 @ 1:49pm 
I love this mod -- it solves the problem of overhead mountains AND needig more stone. Great job.
Morloc Apr 1 @ 6:13pm 
Hi erdelf. Love the mod! Price on drill and having to be manned is great. I noticed two issues...

1) Build time on the drill was 0.

2) Far too many chunks being created. Would be better if we got 0-2 chucks per 3x3 section mined out. If it's difficult to code this, then an optional mod or setting to simply turn off chunks would also work.

Thank you for your time!
Proxyer Mar 21 @ 10:18pm 
Hello Mod Author.
Thank you for modified work. :D
Proxyer Mar 20 @ 8:55pm 
Hello Mod Author.
Fixed an issue that "dir ResearchDefs does not correspond to any def type." Appears in the error log after introduction of the translation.

From "Languages \ Japanese \ DefInjected \ ResearchDefs"
It changed to "Languages \ Japanese \ DefInjected \ ResearchProjectDefs". This will stop the error.

Sorry to trouble you, but please correct Dir name.
Proxyer Mar 20 @ 6:12pm 
I appreciate your integration work. Thank you very much. :)
Proxyer Mar 20 @ 2:13am 
Hello Mod Author. I am sorry to have lost greetings. I made a Mod to add a Japanese translation. I would appreciate it if you could incorporate the Japanese translation part into the translation folder.
Beider Feb 24 @ 1:55am 
Any chance of a version of this that doesn't create stone chunks? I used to rely on Roof Bomb for this but it was discontinued and since then I've really loved this mod as I like mountain bases but hate that I can't control infestations (makes no sense how 20 bugs can set up without me knowing).

However I feel this giving chunks makes the game way to easy since I get so much stone I can mass produce furniture and art to sell for tons of silver. I personally would prefer mountain removal to be an expensive and time consuming resource drain to make it a challenge instead of a boon.
Scwanobi Jan 16 @ 5:25am 
Any way to mod the range on it? I'm a lazy strip miner and don't like constantly moving it around. Didn't see anything in the XML that looks like a radius for it
Lt . Lizzy Jan 4 @ 3:55pm 
lol i have an icshue with tomeny chunks XD