Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Prefire Practice - Inferno
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Nov 4, 2016 @ 3:28am
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Prefire Practice - Inferno

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Yprac Practice Platform
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Practice your pushing strategy!
Learn where people peek and hide on competitive levels! In this map there are bots placed
in commonly held angles so you can practice where to aim and how to move!

Lastest update - 2016-11-04 - Initial release
- Features 4 spots initially
- Original skybox as much as possible
- Original lighting as much as possible
- Minor improvements
- Minimap and loadingscreen

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Yaku 22 hours ago 
too much drops fps, so I tried to play with 10 or 5 bots only, it doesn't work, it always makes spawn 21 bots
SHaaMAN Jun 25 @ 8:18pm 
FPS is a bitch. Drop too significant for me to properly practice.
DaemoN Jun 21 @ 6:44pm 
i was wondering if u could make it so u can use ct skins? idk how coding works but if u could look at the code of training: bot aim v50 by zool and add whatever allows u to use ct and t skins, that would be awesome :) and also if u can, can u look at the code to aim botz-training by mr.uLLetical and add whatever makes the bots track u with aim that would be awesome as well :) (again, i dont kno coding XD ).

tbh idk y people r saying its un-playable, its a great map with some rough edges but once its pollished it'll be amazing :) keep up the good work :)
Rutland Jun 20 @ 3:18am 
it is unplayable, dropped from 200 to 60-100(it would be OK if it didn't jump, but it does)
Red Jun 19 @ 6:43am 
Recently ive noticed that Inferno now only runs at 30 fps for me, last time i used it, maybe a month ago it would run at around 150 fps, if you have added something new find a way to reduce the impact it has on performance, it has become unplayable.
Closer Jun 16 @ 1:38pm 
Absolution Jun 14 @ 2:30am 
Don`t work
Restart every 2 sec
{Nizz} Jun 11 @ 9:30am 
Map keeps restarting every 2 seconds
Dearclops - Jun 11 @ 4:31am 
FPS drop on cache and infer
MotivatedMonkey Jun 11 @ 1:07am 
why are the bots respawning back to 21 even if i pick only 5?