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More Beast race children!
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Feb 8, 2012 @ 12:38am
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Ok, sorry this took so long. Its not really that hard, but I probably shouldn't be watching Nick at Nite while making these.

This adds the following: Male and female Khajiit children, and a Argonian child male. They wear rags and don't sleep, though
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Balthias Oct 29 @ 5:40am 
How many? Where are they located and will this conflict with any other childrens mod?
TuxedoCat914 Sep 18 @ 8:32pm 
This is better if you can adopt them -_-
Cynderman Jul 25 @ 10:25pm 
It'd be a great improvement, and would get a lot of good feedback if you were to have them move, make them adoptable, and all that.
ChronicAxis Jul 23 @ 8:21am 
where might i find them?
SNIP3R3LIT3 Jul 22 @ 10:21pm 
I can't adopt any beast children he made plz help I hav all DLC's so
totalturtles Jun 29 @ 12:14am 
Do they actually sound like Argonians and Khajiits? Just want to make sure because I dont know how to uninstall a mod just in case. I only install them because Steam does it for me lol :/
LadyofHera Jun 11 @ 6:18pm 
I can't seem to adopt either of the two Khajiit children. I can adopt the human children, but not the beast kids. Also, the Argonian kid just stands around the hearth, morphed into an adult.
DryBoult Apr 30 @ 5:54pm 
they are in honerhall orphanage in riften there hope i helped
Q13E5 ︻デ═一 Apr 27 @ 7:09pm 
This is why people mod. Bringing the best out of a game.
nay_sayer Jan 22 @ 11:01am