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Druidism Skill Tree
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Jun 27, 2012 @ 7:11pm
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Druidism Skill Tree

<====== This mod is no longer being developed and I am no longer reading comments on it ======>

This mod adds an independent branch to the Alteration skill tree for Druidism. Geared towards survivability and sustained, drawn out combat, Druidism greatly increases the utility of the Alteration skill. By harnessing the powers of the natural world and the cosmos, as well as powerful shapeshifting spells, Druids are a force to be reckoned with.

UPDATE: Found a way to fix the shapeshifting issues some people are having. See bottom of description.
UPDATE: Transformations now last much longer. In order to turn back, just use your shout button.

-New Druid-related perks
-Four shapeshifting forms, complete with attacks (bear, sabre cat, frostbite spider and wolf)
-Each shapeshifting form has three levels of increasing power from adept to master (except wolf)
-Speed increase spells and water-walking
-5 Life spells, including a health/stamina absorbing spell and long lasting damage over time spells
-5 Cosmic spells, including a knockback and a mass paralyze
-3 Mobility spells
-Total of 22 spells
-New area: The Hidden Glade
-New Druid-related quests

Getting Started:
Farengar, the mage in Dragonsreach in Whiterun, sells a few basic druid spell tomes. To get access to most spell tomes, follow the quest line started by reading the book Druids of the Hidden Glade. There are a few copies around Skyrim, for example in the library in Winterhold, and one on the table in front of Farengar. After locating the new area, you can complete the first quest to gain access to spell tomes. More spells are available deeper in the Hidden Glade.

Note that shapeshifting spells require that you buy the Shapeshifter perk in the skill tree, otherwise you will not transform upon using the spell. Shapeshift forms are not affected by weapon perks/level and do not level your weapon skills, however your armour skills will level and your armour is carried over.

Once you reach level 100 Alteration, mastery quests become available to get the most powerful spells.

Please comment on any bugs/power issues/suggestions. Power issues include spells being over-powered, underpowered, or issues with the amount of experience gained through spells.

And, of course, if you like the mod please upvote it! It helps get the visibility up, which leads to more people downloading it. And the more people who download it, the more I'll feel like adding content! Everybody wins!

Don't forget to check out my other mods!

Recent Updates:
-Added a weak command animal spell, Life's Allegiance.
-Added a message box that pops up when you try to shapeshift without the required perk
-Increased the mana cost of several spells, decreased the cost of others
-Spells now correctly benefit from the cost-reduction perks
-Quest to find the Hidden Glade now correctly triggers as completed
-All non-master difficulty spell tomes are now available from Awenfir
-New shapeshifting form added: Wolf form! The wolf form is an expert level sh♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ing spell. While the wolf is not as powerful as the sabre cat or the bear, it makes up for that lack in numbers: as you transform, you call upon a wolf pack to aid you.
-Shapeshifted forms now last 10 minutes. While shapeshifted, you can use your shout button to dispell the effect.
-Added sound to the dialogue

Known Bugs/Compatibility Issues:
A few people have reported crashes that I cannot replicate, these are likely compatibility issues. If this happens to you, there's likely not a whole lot I can do, but try running the game with only this mod enabled to see if the problem persists. If it does, then it's a problem with my mod, so let me know. Otherwise, if you can figure out exactly which mod the compatibility issue is with, let me know.

Shapeshifting issue: Several people have reported not being able to go into a proper third person mode when shapeshifted (see only the view between the creature's legs).
This seems to fix the problem in most cases:
Download this zip file:
Inside are some .nif files and a text file telling you where to put them. This is a pretty crummy way to fix it, but it seems to work. Warning though: this is more likely to lead to compatibility issues.

Q: Will you be making a shapeshift form that lets me turn into a <insert animal here>:
A: Unless you said spriggan, likely not! Mammoths are too big and difficult to control, and doing a bird would require manipulation of behaviors and animations.

Q: The shapeshift spells dont work, the camera is between the creature's legs! What do I do?
A: Theres a fix in the description that someimtes works, but it does not work 100% of the time. The problem seems to be with steam and how it extracts files. I'm going to try uploading to nexus to see if that works, so stay tuned!

Q: Will you be making other mods?
A: Yes! I have two mods planned that, like this one, bring added use to skills I don't consider particularly useful, or that are difficult/annoying to level.

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